Intel Vs AMD Processors?

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Intel Vs AMD Processors?

Intel 18 vote(s) 90.0%
AMD 2 vote(s) 10.0%
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    I have always wondered this, I have never bought a computer with AMD. (Not on purpose, just destiny I guess =/)

    I have been wondering this because AMD are amazingly cheap and they have more cores and faster speed than Intel but makes me wonder why Intel have lower cores and lower speed (Still good though) and yet costs like 3 times more than what AMD would charge you for same specs.

    Please vote and tell me why :)
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    Had AMD a loooong time ago, but never again. Intel all the way for me.
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    Why? what was the problem with AMD?
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    Right now AMD CPUs are the worst possible choice to get. Their new line up got pretty much destroyed by Intel's CPUs.
    Speed and cores are not all that matters. Just do some research.
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    I vote intel... both CPU's are good but I find that AMD runs hotter and without investing in cooling system you may have heating issues where intel chips run a bit cooler and I find them more stable.
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    The number of cores and cost doesn't matter. I have a AMD pc with six cores and my Intel pc with four runs better than the AMD. It also has to do with your motherboard. Your bus speed, L3 cache. Whether you have a Sandy bridge or will get the new "bridge designs" to be release later this you. Keep in mind, what is the point with all these cores and clock speed when your system stability is in question. Good question though. Google is your friend.
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    Google would just give me facts and opinions, Forums are here for conversations and agreement as a community.
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    What are you looking for besides facts and opinions? There isn't much to discuss here.
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    I agree number of cores isn't everything.. most apps are not threaded properly to take advantage of multi cores so most of the time having one fast core is better then having 4 slower cores and yes L1-2-3 cache makes a huge difference including motherboard, ram and harddrive. Getting a SSD drive for your C drive makes a huge difference in over all speed.

    Basically it comes down to what do you want, what are you going to use it for and how much are you willing to spend to get it.

    AMD vs INTEL basics are:
    AMD good home CPU fast reliable for running games and surfing web.
    INTEL good work CPU for multitasking, compiling, compressing.

    I do work at home so I go Intel, I had heating issue with AMD but that was while compiling code, running sql servers, while playing games. =)

    One other thing to know is the speeds you see when looking at CPU's are not the same speeds .. the architecture of the CPU's makes the speeds very... a 3.0GHZ AMD is not the same speed as a 3.0GHZ INTEL.. but remember your process is idle 90% of the time anyways... I don't know the exact difference by I remember reading something like a 3.0GHZ AND is roughly equivalent to a 2.4GHZ INTEL.. but that was a few years ago then the technology has totally changed since then.
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    They aren't as good for gaming PC's...
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    The man I bought my computer from told me that the AMD are better for games still if you have a good cooler system :)
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    What is this nonsense?

    AMD Phenom II X4's (Even Athlon II X4's) are perfectly fine for games unless you are an enthusiast who is running multiple graphics cards or a single GPU and want to avoid a serious bottleneck. This thread should really be more specific, a 3Ghz Penitum 4/D is worse than a 3Ghz Athlon of the same generation. Intel may have the faster CPUs now, but it hasn't always been that way.
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    sorry amd but i changed sides, intel so much smoother
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    Uhh, *"Sorry AMD, but this some Intel processors are smoother than some AMD processors, and I chose the faster Intel processor, which was ost liely also more expensive, but that didn't matter, so I chose the faster processor, though this may matter to some others, where they have some sort of budget, and in low budget situations is where AMD is the better choice over Intel."

    Fixed ^
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    because posting your own opinions without inserting them into other people posts is too hard?

    damn it, if you think AMD has a better price/performance ratio just say it, dont make yourself look stupid.

    p.s. an accurate translation would be "i used to go AMD, but switched to intel because i think they make better chips" but this isn't even needed.
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    basically there is more to processors then cores and speed. As a matter of fact, most games don't benefit at all from processors with more then 2 cores.

    if you are seriously looking at buying a new cpu, he's a guide. its a little old, made in november. but they'll probably have a newer one out soon enough if you want to check tomshardware's cpu articles to see when they make a new article about best cpu's for the money.,3077.html
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    to over simplify it. processors have hundreds of millions, probably billions of switches. switches send info. the speed of the processor (so like 3.0ghz) is how quickly the switches can flip. While the speed that it can flip the switches is important, the number of switches and how the layout of switches are organized on the cpu have a larger impact on the performance of the cpu.
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    It's not my opinion it's the truth.

    I didn't want OP to be mislead by Pseudo-Fanboism, I was simply answering the question.