Into the Meld: A complete overhaul of Melding Mechanics.

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  1. AnemoneMeer Arbiter

    TL : DR A Massive melding overhaul to make retaking areas more challenging, and offer up different styles of play.

    As it stands, walking into the Melding kills you instantly. While I can understand this in deep areas such as the melding bubbles on the other side of the tornado portals, or the arcfolders, it doesn't really lend itself well to open world gameplay. Sure, it certainly works, but instant death unless you stay in the safe zones isn't all that appealing.

    The Overhaul: Melding doesn't kill you instantly anymore, instead causing slow, but steady damage to everyone inside the melding, with a bonus against structures. Health and ammo drops are reduced to 10% of their current drop rate. The only calldowns that work are a "Temporary Melding Repulsor Station" on a long cooldown, and the Scanhammer. All enemies inside the melding are scaled up to stage 5 levels. Resurrection time is 20 seconds before forced respawn outsie of the melding, down from 120 seconds. Attempting to spawn a health/ammo station while inside the meld will blow it up before it completes. New additional calldown "Melding Thumper". An additional, new wall of melding death is created, much harder, called the "Deep Melding (Term already in game)"

    This allows players to go inside, and just as importantly, fight inside the melding, but puts them in danger. This allows the devs to put missions inside the melding, while making the content MUCH harder to clear. Between the lack of health/ammo drops, and the constant damage, going into the melding will very likely kill you, normally very quickly.

    The Temporary melding repulsor creates a bubble, complete with melding fog around the edges so you cannot see out. This puts you in still more danger, but gives you access to your calldowns, such as the new Melding thumper (Which doesn't explode when put in the melding, and is balanced around thumping inside the Meld.) or health/ammo packs.

    Allowing players to go inside the meld allows areas that are overtaken to become shrouded in the meld in a much more realtime style. Instead of simply major towns, any tower can be put in the meld, as well as any city, and to take it back, instead of simply firing up a repulsor along the edges and pushing the chosen out, you have to fight them on their turf, powering on the repulsor inside the meld, and fighting an uphill battle to take it back.

    This creates a much larger feeling of being able to lose territory. Instead of simply seeing it turn red, you actually see the meld move up to overtake it, or even bloom out from it.

    To prevent squad zergs from just taking territory, health and ammo stations are destroyed when being placed and calldowns are restricted. To use them, you need to set up a bubble, which won't last long enough for everyone to heal. If an uncordinated army goes in, not everyone's getting health and ammo unless they bring lots of their own, and if you go in alone, your dome won't be up enough to keep yourself supplied. You both need a group, and need to cordinate. Or you'll die.

    Thumping inside the meld should give significant bonuses, but at the same time, should be immensly dangerous. Making both the cost of losing the thumper higher, and making it immensly dangerous in there to begin with, without drawing the aggro of the Chosen, should balance out the higher rewards, so that only skilled squads can do it, while the current game mechanics don't require it to be done.

    To prevent rapid capturing, "Deep Melding" walls would appear beyond the curent line of stations. Clearing these out would require overpowering chosen strongholds, which would be a monolithic task that gets harder the further out they are. These should take entire armies of people, and be a long battle. To prevent lag, the strongholds are large, and spread out, so that it's not simply one squad of a hundred people, but many, many squads of 5-10 people holding many different points. Losing a stronghold would set the server back immensly as well, and even attacking one would require a project be completed in the nearest town, this project being a severwide monolithic project that you can donate resources to for EXP.

    Night time in the meld should be especially dangerous due to the lower visibility.

    The melding is something to be feared in firefall, and it rightly should be, but killing players for just crossing it just seems arbitrary. We already have water for that. It should, in my opinion, be rebalanced to create an experience where you can go in there, and the game may require you to, but you never even think of going in without being overprepared. Defending territory becomes far more important when it's not simply a case of flipping towers, but actually going inside the meld, with a cordinated squad, to try and take it back.
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    Sounds interesting, don't know if the lore would support this.
  3. AnemoneMeer Arbiter

    It actually does.

    I've collected alot of the SIN imprints, and heard alot of the dialogue. There is such a thing as Deep Melding. It gets mentioned on Batsheba's mission. In addition, there are several SIN imprints referring to squads working inside the meld. One memorable one had the squad being stalked and hearing voices, but not being outright exterminated for entering it. In addition, NPC chatter sometimes refers to something along the lines of "My buddy went inside the melding. He hasn't been the same since"
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    I personally feel that pushing it back, like an army effort, in large portions and opening up new area's on a timer would feel more as an end-game type of gameplay, rather than slow decay.

    It would be a money-sink (resource-sink), it would be a combined effort, it would open up new territory with better (Thumping) resources and possibly new ARES missions.

    Making something rare, always leads to people chasing after that rarity. Like in WoW vanilla, the priest and hunter quest used to require the help from a guild. The same should apply here. You want ebtter quality and quantity resources? Great, help us push back the darkness.

    Personally, decay over time doesn't really do it for me. Although perhaps this could just occur on a larger scale on the edge of the field ,rather than walking in 15 feet and instantly dying.
  5. AnemoneMeer Arbiter

    Made an edit to show how Deep Melding works. I think you'll like it Dubz.

    Slow decay doesn't work in my eyes either. It should feel impactful, like you're taking ground, and like you can lose ground.
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    I'll read it again tomorrow, when I wake up. Or at least, when my eyelids don't feel as if they want to glue themselves to my eyeballs :)
  7. AnemoneMeer Arbiter

    Fair enough. Get some rest then ^^
  8. CaptainCapslock Founder

    I love the ideas, nothing to add except for: 5.1 scary sounds :confused:
    When entering deep melding, your hear terrible voices and sounds, coming from all around you...oh yeah, i like that cupcake
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  9. AnemoneMeer Arbiter

    Deep melding kills you on the spot. That's the stuff well past where you can go, and in the melding pockets you get to by the arcfolders.

    Voices and such would certainly be an epic addition though.
  10. Kryyss Storm Rider

    The Melding is one part lore and second part gameplay mechanic. It functions as an alternative to invisible walls to keep you away from incomplete content. Eventually they will allow you into the Melded areas by pushing the wall but but you won't be walking through it fightings.
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  11. Kiyoshimo Commander

    First off I just want to say I love this idea AnemoneMeer, I must admit that the "insta gib" line inside the melding has always bugged me somewhat, I mean I main a Mammoth frame, and on a daily basis I shrug off all sorts of crazy damage, and yet if I go more then ~15' into the melding I just die? It just doesn't make sense to me. I can understand using the Melding as a balancing act, keeping us out of areas that may not yet be ready for playing on, but instead of an instant death line, I would have rather seen the melding wall become a boundary because you can only take so much damage over time before you must leave or die.
  12. AnemoneMeer Arbiter

    Oh, I'm completely aware of that. Hense the divisions.

    Deep Melding becomes what Melding is now. It blocks incomplete content with a deathwall. Instant death no matter what. Standard Melding becomes accessable, if absurdly deadly areas you shouldn't be in without a clear goal.
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  13. AnemoneMeer Arbiter

    Okay. I'm going to just say right now I hate doing this, but I need to bump this so I can get more feedback.

    Would help if I knew what changes everyone wants and such.
  14. CaptainCapslock Founder

    Dude, middle of the night. Let us sleep :mad:
  15. AnemoneMeer Arbiter

    ...but, isn't text silent?

    I forget that sometimes honestly, I haven't got a normal sleeping schedule XD
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    Yes, This is what I want.

    as you can tell I'm a new player. started like 2 days ago. I like the lore of this game and its retake the planet theme. however, there was one thing that was bugging me. The NPCs (not the cupcake up flood like meldings, chosen? ) were able to walk into the melding. I want to walk into the melding and see what the planet looks like without the sunny sky and clean water. but it saddens me that I can't see it, because of this death wall. the since of mystery makes me want to walk into it. hell I technically already do! I pop into it and see what is there for a brief moment before I had to jump back out to live.

    I want to see this. I want to walk into the melding and sucker punch the chosen for being the only ones to enter the melding. as reward, maybe a stupidly hard T3 battle frame that is meld immune, but you cant really do anything. it keeps your health but your cooldowns are still gimped since most of your power are going to your survivability.

    just think about how interesting PVP would be in a melding map?
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    yay for this!

    i like going into the melding but i die too fast to have a look around :(
  18. Kangarad Mentor

    yea sounds good... for army content! It should be far more damgerus at daytime then nighttime ... u know why? Living things need to sleep... also melding emits light so no dark nights anyway!

    time for more melded creatures, including that thing from the biosphere research. laboratories!
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    I would like to see Chosen Strongholds semi deep within the Meld. With mini-events to open up the Meld to the strongholds. This would be an epic effort 20-25 people atleast. This can be implemented in many different ways.