Introductions and Greetings Thread!

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    Hello everyone and good bye!
  2. Crystalbeam Wintertide’s Savior

    I dunno if i ever did this before for this thread but anyway! So, hey all its a bit .. very late for this. Idk where this game is going and my profile pic is gone :( but anyway,
    Im CrystalBeam, and ive been at this for a lonnnnng time ever since the Toxic Event, which some time before 1.3 update im not sure.
    Dunno if anyone will see this, but if u do! Hi! Have a great day. I hope this game will get back up and picked up by another company, as they say, this has lots of potential. It did and does. If invested and designed, monitered well.
    After this, im just gunna go sentimental on my journey here.
    So i started out right around toxic event started just as those amazonians rockets got out. I met a few annoying people, but most of all really awesome and supportive, fun people here. It's amazing honestly but it was that. It was so populated and those brontodons, will definitely live in history.
    I started with Assault and moved my way up eventually getting raptor, Firecat and bastion through the normal process before the new level changes where you could practically get most of the advanced frames.. i think. (Well either way i got all of the adv frames now)
    I am known as PulserRay in the online community mostly here and there but sometimes i might not use that nickname (eg, this game for some reason)

    Anyways! When this game, if it gets back up population, i am crystalbeam, hope ill see you out there!
    Happy hunting.
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  4. Hello hello.
  5. Hi, need to get a post up to get deal. thx. the meataxe.
  6. Hey everyone!
  7. Bozza94 Beta Vanguard

    Bozza here. Just chillin n Grillin.
  8. HI ALL:

    I hope that those of you that are faithful FIREFALL players like my Army, will take the time to look at and the free credit that they are offering old FF players. It seems like a nice way to say thank you to the loyal customers-players. I will check it out. I have been watching the team click off their first few development milestones, and i am impressed by the momentum, that they have gained since late 2016. --- Be well. See you there.
  9. Grrizz Big Game Hunter

    I think you forgot to mention "it" is ;)
  10. Reiketsu_Kage Commander

    Throwing my two cents in for em8er, because why not.
  11. hi all i am poop i dont have much going on and i believe in people power so if you like to see the
    latest update em8er is getting bigger check it out by searching em8er in a search engine its going to have big robots, use unreal engine 4 and a lot of cool stuff.

    many thanks

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    Bark Bark Bark!
  13. Talk about sh!t posting.
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  14. Hello and, well, goodbye.
  15. So this is how it ends giving our hard effort to Mark at em8er? I don't know who trashed this good game but it didn't take long to gather all the old Firefall players. I checked out em8er and don't see how its like this game. But we all have opinions so wtf.. Good luck where ever you guys go.