is it over?

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rip firefall?

yes 48 vote(s) 78.7%
no 14 vote(s) 23.0%
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    With how the devs treat the game, I'm not surprised. It sucks, since this game had the most promise to be a semi-open world game that would've brought hours and more enjoyment. Warframe has done better, and that's saying something since Warframe is literally the same eight tilesets, the same eight mission types, and the same five factions, with almost nothing being available without paying for it or dumb luck with RNG. At least we have an evolving story that is becoming interesting over time, rather than an awesome story that is just shoveled to the side by buggy implementation and greedy devs.

    I came back because my stepdad was interested in playing it again. And I wanted to join him. But I can't log into my old character. Says it can't find the server. So I figured, "Eh. Whatever. I'll make a new character to see how the game starts now. Then see if I can switch when I get into the world." Nope. Stuck at the shooting range in the tutorial. And when I logged in the first time at the end of character creation, it logged me in as my old character, then crashed to desktop. Reloaded, and now I've been sitting here, reading through the cupcakestorm that is so in place with this community, (from what I remember, at least), on this forum thread, waiting to see if maybe the drones will spawn in-game. They never have. And I wasted the last few hours waiting for it to download, it seems.

    The "argument", (if it can be called that; it looks like some kiddies dome some retardedly illegal cupcake to each other and nobody has the balls to alert the authorities -- online audits are a thing, y'know), that raged in this thread, paired with the fact that the game can't even really be launched reliably anymore just spells all the signs for this being a game in its death throes. It's saddening, since it looks like it has come a long way since I stopped playing. Maybe the devs stopped trying to milk the game for money and it killed the development? Or maybe they just gave up because they don't give a cupcake anymore? Who knows?

    Fact is, the game is dead. Only a matter of time before "Login Simulator 2017 - Sci-Fi Edition" and "Staring At A Wall Simulator 2017 - Sci-Fi Edition" are nixed.

    Unrelated: can the forums use any smaller a font? Jesus. I can't see what I'm typing... lol?
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    There are no devs. I hope this addresses your concerns, cheers.
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    First I'd like to say...seriously why doesn't anyone read posts? It is more than obvious the game is basically dead and nothing will be fixed. There are no devs to hear you or anyone cry. Most of us that come into the forums are either still playing the shred of a game that is still running or morbidly waiting for that final forum shut down day.

    Now as to Warframe... WTF are you talking about? You can get almost anything in game without paying. You just have to play the game. I have only paid for some cosmetics and weapon slots. I have build most of my weapons and frames. Just cause RNG is bad for you doesn't mean it's that way for everyone. If RNG was that bad, why is the game consistently in the top games on Steam? Go back to playing my little pony maybe RNG is better there.

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    Shame shame shame. Will miss my Rhino...RIP