Is it safe to say that FF will not have vehicle combat?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by .:AD:., Dec 28, 2011.

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    I am a bit curious. We have seen trailers showing small cars and ofcourse the dropships, but they all seem to cater to PVE only.
    Will we have any vehicular combat such as using tanks or trucks (basically like the battlefield franchise)?

    *EDIT* To clarify, I meant to ask if there will be vehicles in PvP.
  2. sorophx Fan Site MVP

    nothing is safe to say with Firefall. they have stuff planned for years and years to come
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    sorophx sez it, so it will be.
    We know that the game engine from FireFall supports vehicles but everything else it up to the devs.
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    I doubt it will be in the near future, but it maybe a possibility in the long term. Nothing is safe to say yet.
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    Is this a game engine red5 made themselves or are they using a pre-existing one? if so, which one?

    edit: the dropships may be original content for the PvE world as they look like the main transportation units. We can only hope though. However i dont see how they can make PvE so large without vehicles =P Dredge's specific position on the smokestack desert is very mountainous and has man roads leading to it. It would be a very long walk without vehicles.
  6. Siantlark Unbroken

    That would be a heavily modded version of the Offset Engine that Intel had gotten and then shut down.
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    To clarify, I meant to ask if there will be vehicles in PvP.
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    Like I said there probably wont be any vehicle combat, at least not at launch.
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    I believe they've said they are considering it, but don't want it to take away from the fun or "shooter" aspects of PvP. I'd guess that at some point in the future we will see vehicles in PvP, once they've figured out a good way to implement them without changing the core gameplay too much.
  10. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

    It has been definitively said that it won't be in launch, but I guarantee it's something they have and will continue to look at. If they can figure out a way to include it and make sure it's fun, you can bet they'll put it in.

    ^Pretty much what he said :)
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    I am pretty sure that they have said something about having plans for vehicle warfare in like army battles.
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    We have about 2 years of tech put into vehicles, but we decided to concentrate on non-vehicle combat and save vehicles for a later time. But when we're ready to tackle it, we are already ahead of the dev curve.
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    Thank You for the quick response. Its good to know. I want FF to rival Halo in terms of popularity..... also I like vehicle combat.
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    Vehicle combat is great, when its balanced. Glad to see that Red5 is focusing on the core of the game first though.
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    I was curious about this myself since it is one of the reasons I'm looking forward to Planetside. So I'm a bit disappointed it won't be in at launch. However, I'm extremely encouraged that :red5: is developing this game under the philosophy of "it's better to do it right than rush it".
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    oh man to crazy