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  1. Widow's Kiss Apex Predator

    Was a great Army. Offering free kittys cookies and bacon.
  2. BunnyHunny Centurion

    Oh look an other shameless one time poster.

    Funny that all of you guys are too dumb to simply open one single thread for that purpose.
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    if everyone used a single thread then these forums would be even emptier.
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    Em8er is the successor why ignore unless your head is in the sand and you have turned into a sheep who eats crabs and angry at life

    The future is em8er the future is bright your life is going to change come to the light
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    I want to see the kitties cookies and bacon then I can comment and tell you how good they are. Right now I just want chocolate and a beer please.
  6. Gnubee Bird of Prey

    NAh, Chocckie Bikkes and Red Wine. With or without kitties :0
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    Now that does sound better just skip the kitties, the fur gets stuck in my beard,LOL.