Assault Lancer Variation

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  1. Ronyn Commander

    Lancer's personalized cyclone mech was very cool.
    On the topic of a lancer like blade attack thingy...
    In another topic a similar question was brought up.

    Red 5 is listening guys!
    So who knows...
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    It already seems like the buttstomp is something akin to a melee attack power, though its result is more like a close range AoE. There was some mention in a thread regarding Biotech crowd control about a repulsion-type ability also.

    In Left 4 Dead, the rifle butt is more of a defensive measure against getting swamped by zombies, though in L4D2 they escalated to full-blown weapons. I know that in the playthrough vids, the PoV player would occasionally have a spiderite get up in his face in the thumper mission, and the only available response seemed to be to just move out of the way. I was mentally rifle-butting it in frustration, hehe.

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  3. Ronyn Commander

    I expect there will be several melee-esque slottable abilities. i look forward to seeing them.

    And yeah..i was rifle butting those bugs in my head too. or wrist mounted laser spiking them, or boot activated thruster kicking...
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    if theres anything like a lancer in pumped to see it
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    I'd like a Gun Lance and a good Crystite Shield, maybe have the Town/City guards hold them up they would look so cool.
  6. Ronyn Commander

    Id love a sheild. that would be cool as heck
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    *grinds teeth* >:O
    Go play WoW!!!
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    In Tribes you had a shield, except you could throw it and it was reticle guided. After dealing it's grisly work, it came back to you like a boomerang. AND it reflected projectiles. It was kinda cool.
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    Anenome has blasphemed against the holy tribes! Over the gangplank he goes! P-)
  10. Ronyn Commander

    Or I could play gears of war, or modern warfare, or Counterstrike, or armored core....etc...etc..
    Yeah I like shields.....I like them in my action games and shooters!

    uhm....Did WOW fans offend you at some point? Cause you are just after them! lol
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    I wholeheartedly disagree with any frame being primarily melee or even having a secondary melee attack of any significance. I hope there is no melee to speak of in this game.
    Also, Tera called, they want you to stop stealing their Lancer class.
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    really guys this is a co-op fps game where do lances speak fps. the shield i maybe able to see if it was used by your backpack energy and had a duration and only blocked stuff from a certain side. that way it can be used consistently and you have to have some skill to make it effective.
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    If you're talking an energy shield that's different. But the idea of carrying a medieval shield around in a shooter, that's silly.
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    Last time i checked when an enemy is that close to you to use his fists you really arent gonna have time to use your "precious" gun becuz you got CHUCK NORRIS'D to death
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    It seems melee is being looked at the wrong way. If we have said melee ability/weapon it should provide a quick switch for supplement damage, allowing for a quick close by swipe to catch people of guard. Also I think this melee should be a weapon in itself, not just hit "F" and preform a melee attack. Honestly only using melee in this type of game would provide you with a great disadvantage i.e jetpack dodging, that smg shooting at you has a way longer range then your said hammer.
  16. Ronyn Commander

    LOL. Why would it be a midieval shield of all of things? Heck, i even mentioned a bunch of games with sheilds..none of them used midievil sheilds.
    Something like an upgraded balistic sheilds like we have today or some sort of sci-fi energy shield is what we are talking about here.
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    Yeah, an energy shield would be 'scifi' enough to work, for me ;)
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    Assassinations kind of like Halo's please. IDC if you don't like the game, assassinations kicked ASS.

    I get that curb stomping someone who is downed sort of counts as that, but if someone is RIGHT in front of you, you can't tell me it wouldn't piss you off that you can't .. reach out and touch someone ..