Lead the Charge with the Rhino! [Now Ended]

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by JBWill, May 12, 2014.

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  1. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

    This weekend, Astrek Association is looking to show off its high firepower Dreadnaught package, the Rhino. From Friday, May 16th at 5pm PDT until Monday, May 19th at 5pm PDT, try the Rhino for free and enjoy a 50% XP bonus. If you'd like to permanently own it, you can buy it for 25% off the regular Red Bean price!


    As we've mentioned, we aren't doing any more highlight videos until we've had a chance to do a design pass of the remaining frames, but Kream from ffanz.com has made another awesome wallpaper!
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  2. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

    If these Battleframe weekends gonna go on forever, can i suggest something more than than just xp bonus and discount on buying the frame.
    Veterans will totally miss out on these weekends, what about maybe Maxed frames of the chosen frame weekend gets 50% resource gain or Crystite gain while in that frame? :) or something like that for those that have em all and still want to participate in these events? :)
    just a thought.

    and Yay Rhino! :)
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  3. #3
    I'm betting Bastion will be dead-last ( or maybe just skipped entirely )...

    and, yeah, Yay Rhino!
  4. Ronina Founder

    Again, no video?

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    Here's a cadence clue:

    Caller : Now stomp your left and drag your right
    Platoon : boots cost money, you big dummy
  6. Vanquish_ Arbiter

    There won't be any more videos until the frames get a design pass/rework. Since Xenogrnic is now gone, I'm hoping ktav will get a chance very soon to take a look at the remaining frames.

    Also, yay Rhino! My favorite frame!

    (Also JBWill. I'd refrain from using the word Charge in the thread title since the ability is broken right now :) )
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  7. Drake84pl Marshmallow

    Yeah i was thinking about something similar, rather than giving more XP while playing a particular Battleframe on a special BF weekend let the pilot gain more Crystite and Resources while playing with it. Why ? because there are some frames that some people don't like to play and gaining more XP on them isn't really an encouragement to try them out, but more Rewards for missions while playing with them would surely be one.
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    Details, schmetails...
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  9. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

    Edited the OP with another awesome wallpaper made by Kream :)

    Haha, I actually did think about that when I was writing it, but it just fits so well :p
  10. Vidrak Commander

    Guess I will be sitting this one out. My Rhino has been maxed for a while.
  11. [Nyaaah]Sadaris The Gun Show

    Psure Bastion was the first one wasn't it?
  12. Drake84pl Marshmallow


    In order:
    Arsenal (Omnicon)

    so Raptor and Bastion are the only Specialty Frames left to have its first Bonus Weekend + all Accord Frames.
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  13. crazyjeremy Founder

    Perhaps we could get Charge! fixed by this weekend?
  14. Fooni Commander

    Ah yeah....rhino....Have not maxed it out yet.
    But i did exploit a skill before milestone with its style.
    Dreadfield giving Bonus Stack damages up to 10x - 25x.
    Was very over powered against Tornado and Baneclaw in solo.
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    Tigerclaw was the first, then dragonfly

    Do we know if the frames going to be reworked in the same order as the battleframe weekends, or are they going to fix the frames in some other order? (i.e. fixing all the minor frame problems for a larger impact for the milestone)
  16. SlightlyNoobish Field Marshal


    ahhh the guy reworking frames left

    so, no more reworking frames
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    Nah, someone else just takes over - ktav in this case.

    Kream's pics are awesome!
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  18. Krhys Commander

    Yay! 1 of the frames I haven't maxed yet!

    About Charge... well, what more can be said about the Rhino's signature move... the poor thing needs 10cc of design pass, stat!
  19. JustaChoob Mentor

    He really means just lead... dont take/equip it :p

    Wasn't Ktav suppose to work on those now?
  20. a vehicle Mentor

    JBWill, this picture looks dirty.

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