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  1. Legend, these are awesome.
  2. Legend57 Lieutenant

    After watching all the new trailers and the "Launch Pack" (doesn't matter which one) all I can say is that I HAVE TO HAVE IT BECAUSE OF THE CONEPT BOOKLET - there's now way I'd get 99.99 or even 29.99 for it tho :( - If you would be awesome enough to help me out with it, I would be eternally grateful!!! PM me if interested ;)

    OH and of course - another avatar
    For Soulie:
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  3. you get the art book in either so you only need 29.99
  4. Legend57 Lieutenant

    yeah, with my current financial state I wouldn't even be able to get that much - had to spend a lot on a fix for my tablet
  5. Mikachu Community Coordinator

    Can confirm that Legend is Legend :D! Thank you again for making me such an epic avatar <333

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  6. Your icons are getting better every time! Love them so much.

    I hear you about the concept book. Concept are is one of my favorite types of art (if that makes sense) and I would love to see what sort of art is in their and designs of suits and such. Oh and the soundtrack would be really awesome to.
  7. Not sure if I should be posting it in this thread or the Panthers' but: If I was to be picky about it, I've figured out why the frame lacks a bit. While the overall design and detailing looks damn awesome, the frame does not really have a unique silhouette. Not sure what kind of backpack you plan on adding (since that may change this a lot), but if I were you I'd experiment with spicing up the boots or the handguards a bit in terms of outline. If you look at the original FF frames, they all have something distinct that catches your eye when you look at it. I feel like your Panther could be pushed just a bit more in this regard. :)

    Edit: And by "spicing up" I not necessary mean go crazy with shapes. I understand that you want to deviate form the regular assault look. On my frame for example, the hand guards are going to be pretty much non existent. Which on it's own might seem boring, but since all of the other frames have some kind of hand wear (except maybe recons, but they too have spikes and stuff), the lack of the feature can act as a distinctive property on it's own.
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  8. TheDragonfiend Commander

    Man you've been busy since ive been gone.
  9. Legend57 Lieutenant

    Don't care what thread it's posted in - feedback like this is always welcome!
    I agree on the silhouette - when it really comes down to it, the frame just looks like the Accord assault. I tried to keep a general Assault-ish look so that it could still be considered one. I wanted to add something special to the boots as well as the handguards (most of my development went into them), but I found myself limited by my lack of artistic skill - I was forced to often go for the easy way out, just so I could get the perspective right-ish -.-
    I'll look to creating a single boot/gauntlet just to get the design right and then add it to the frame.

    As far as backpack goes, I haven't decided yet - I was going to base the design off the frame itself, though you can imagine that it will have the general style of the other assault packs, but with a different design (like the Tigerclaw/Firecat)

    Oh and I think I will hold back any full body updates in hope that I might get a male blank body from ya - can't really build a frame on the one I have + it would give me a chance to draw it more than edit it ;)

    I'm always busy :D
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  10. OOoOooOoooooo
    I may need to request one to add to my rotation~
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  11. Legend57 Lieutenant

    Alirghty then, got piles of request and doing my best to fill 'em out:

    For Dr. Bacterial and the ArcticFoxes:
    [IMG] [IMG]
    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

    Also though I'd post the one For Mikachu:
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  12. SnoozinRedPanda Caught in the Crossfire

    Awesome Icons Legend! Really nicely done! I love Mika's background those specs look like glitter. :)
  13. Dr. Bacterial Unbroken

    thanx for awesome job man
  14. Legend57 Lieutenant

    Thank you for your kind words,
    Also finished this one in the morning:

    For Vinkel (its an update - old one for comparison):
    [IMG] [IMG]

    I am eternally grateful to Vinkel for donating, as well as Crynidemth - thanks to the both of you!
    A few more and I will be able to get the Digital pack!

    EDIT: Page 57 - yay
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  15. Dr. Bacterial Unbroken

    you have definetly upgraded your skills, love new look&feel
  16. Legend57 Lieutenant

    So, got 6 avatars to make, 2 full bod requests and the Panther and only half a day off this week - might be some time before I can post anything :D

    In the meantime, only 15 bucks left until I can get the launch pack! Hope there's enough kind people among the 170 avatar owners to help me get the pack soon ;)

    Thanks to everybody that keep me going!
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  17. MUST STOP THIS THREAD! On page 57!
  18. Legend57 Lieutenant

    Alrighty then - I put in a request of my own and it got answered: My thread is now STICKY :D Thank you FadedPez!
    In celebration, here's another avatar

    For Tostie:

    But yeah, so far only a few donations..still got 15$ to go, guess I won't be seeing that Launch pack or that Concept booklet any time soon :I
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  19. Dragomok Founder

    Woo! Congratulations!
    You're going to be so totally flooded in two weeks.
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  20. Tostie The Flying Dutchman

    Thanks a lot! :D