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    I see several posts about what emotes people would like to see (usually in the pelvicthrust and teabag corner) but not about what is already in the game. A lot of information about what is already in the game isn't available yet.
    I have been experimenting a bit and some other players gave some tips so here's what I found.

    These emotes work:
    • /charge
    • /cheer
    • /cry
    • /dance (funny but needs some work)
    • /laugh
    • /roar
    • /taunt
    • /wave

    If you know of more working emotes please post them here.
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    copied from
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  3. twistingnether Unbroken

    the dances are just meh.

    i hope they get creative with them.
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    Wow that's a lot of emotes :O I'm overwhelmed! Can't wait to try them out when/if I get my key! ^^
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    You're saying you don't dance like that?!?! I should probably drink less when I hit the floor then. :(
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  6. twistingnether Unbroken

    i didnt say i didnt dance like that, i just dont want to be reminded of myself when i type /dance
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    Did you saw how females dance?;p
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    Well the dance, I can live with. It's the song that's getting irritating and needs some work.
    But its beta and I must say I like most of the emotes.
    /laugh is quite a mean laugh and the pointing makes it even meaner. I'm sure I can get someone quite pissed-off with it ;-) (oh, behave piggy!)
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    Never realy understood why people make a big deal about emotes. Does it realyt affect game play?
  10. twistingnether Unbroken

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    Totally can "realty affect game play," hasn't you seen the /getdown?
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    when you use /sit_chair just beside the "pvp forcefield" it looks like your ass is outside the wall, i did that once in "sabotage" to taunt defenders, I succeed, some recon throw a mine at me and to my and everyone else consternation IT GOT THROUGH the forcefield and somehow killed me:D (normally that mine deals about 400dmg and my engi have above 1500hp)
  13. SpringField Field Marshal

    if you are in the beta then there's this list.

    which many fan sites have copied ;)
  14. X Aquila X Founder

    the female characters dance is ok but the male characters dance. Its how I would put it as "The chicken dance"
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    Ehh, this is a GAME. It's played to have fun.
    It's not work, we don't have to be serious and we don't have to perform all the time.

    Emotes help you have fun, tease each other and makes the game more lively. MMO's are SOCIAL games after all.
    These kind of things might be regarded Role Playing but without them games like these would be boring.

    Hardcore workaholic freaks please use the other server (no pun intended).
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    You mean I don't have to be wearing my shirt and tie whilst playing this?!?! God damn, do you have any idea how much extra I've paid for starch treatments just to play this game?
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    Guess i have fun by completeing objectives, haveing good teram work and epic moments with friends or just random people pulling off crazy things.
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    /no but no /yes? Interesting.
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    seems like the /fear isnt working properly. I guess you're supposed to cover in fear, but that only works when you are turning around, if you dont move you just point you're gun and shake it. Aaaand if you're an ENG, your left arm gets longer, try for yourself :)

    edit: same goes for /surprise
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    /dance parties are the best
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