Long Story/Rant about my Experience Donating Plasma

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    Note: Plasma is, basically, the water part of blood. When you donate plasma, you're given back your red blood cells so you don't feel tired/weak like when you donate blood. I get $35 a donation, and a person can go twice a week. I do this because I'm unemployed and enjoy eating.

    Bad experience #1:
    So I show up today at 6am. If you arrive even an hour later, there's a massive line of poor people. I decide to go with my right arm for a change. The tech (a guy named Eric) puts the blood pressure cuff on my arm and tells me to make a fist- all normal, it's how they get the vein to stand out so they can insert the needle. He's poking the crux of my elbow, trying to find a vein, and nothing's happening. He turns up the pressure to the point of agony until he finally finds it.

    He very slowly and carefully inserts the needle. He then asks "So... Do your hands get cold much?" "Yeah, all the time" "Yeah... You have really bad circulation." Awesome! Eric gets the machine going, and I sit back and watch X-Men: First Class with the lovely African American gentleman next to me. After a few minutes, my machine starts beeping. Eric comes back, and tells me the machine thinks that there's no one attached. My pulse is THAT EFFING WEAK.

    Eric asks me if I would like to be re-stuck in the other arm, but I, hating getting stuck, say no. I'm okay with being there longer if it means no more needles. He re-positions the needle and tapes it very carefully for the best blood flow. When he leaves, some other tech comes over and starts messing with the needle. From across the room, Eric yells "DO NOT TOUCH THAT". Too late. The other dude messed up the needle. Eric comes back and says, basically "Wow this is stupid. You'll still get paid, but I'm just going to start the cell return"

    As the machine reverses to return my cells, I watch in horror as a dime-sized section of my skin, right beside the needle, starts to swell and ache. Eric sees, shuts off the machine, and tells me that the cells were depositing outside the vein. Yay bruise!

    This means, in order to get my cells back, I must be re-stuck in my other arm.

    Awesome morning!
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    Tell them they can keep the cells, you'll make new ones.

    I've never donated blood, but I have to get monthly blood work done for a medication I'm on. The girl at my PCP that does the blood work is really good. I have the same problem you do, poor circulation, but she's never missed and she sticks the needle in quicklike so there's no messing around. Apparently though I only have 3 vials worth of blood in my body because the third vial takes forever to fill.

    She's cute too.
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    Always been hit or miss for me. One girl is really great and hits the vein right away, and then another has the aim of stormtrooper and destroys my arm while searching for a vein. Had to get some imaging done a while back, and I was getting a different needle 3-5 times a day. I finally convinced them to just use the same damn hole in my arm instead of prodding around like a drunken college freshman at a frat party.
  4. Zoogy Beta Vanguard

    Sounds like fun.

    (Un)Lucky for me I can not donate anything really because of the meds I take and all the other things wrong with me. When I was about 7-12 or so I had to get blood tests like ever month so I am used to needles. You know how there are a lot of people that hate looking at the needle being put in them? Well I am the other way around. I hate not being able to see them put the needle in. Needles really aren't that bad after you get used to them.
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    Have you mentioned you have a wife?

    Anyway, I have never donated blood or plasma, I had never even heard of people donating plasma and being returned anything.
    Based on the images I've seen of Scarmander, I'm somewhat surprised that they had trouble finding her veins/problems with blood flow, she looks like she'd be a veiny girl with strong blood flow.
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    Needles are not as bad as some people make them out to be, but when you see that the nurse is clearly uncomfortable doing it...
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    As someone who uses needles on a daily basis and stabs people repeatedly in the mouth with them...

    Yes, I agree, needles are not as bad as people believe.
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    Being married does make all other women ugly.
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    I thought being married made all other women beautiful....?
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    No. Being married makes you know that all women do, in fact, poop.
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    Utilizing that kind of language is neither witty nor entertaining sir. I hope your wife suffers from horrible hemorrhoids.
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    lies, I've yet to meet a woman that poops..
  13. Zoogy Beta Vanguard

    I guess that means you are not married. Anyways I think we are off topic.
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    Reminds me of when I got my lumbar puncture..... well.... except I doubt there was massive, massive excruciating pain. For some reason novocaine doesn't last all that long in my system as they were using a lesser version of it it would hardly last a minute before I would also have to be re-shot with another dose of it.

    I was stabbed about 5 times because they kept screwing up. They ran out of needles the 3rd time around and couldn't find more. The doctor says "We can't reuse needles as it would be dangerous for the patient." Then once they can't find any needles they just tell me that everything will be fine and it's completely O.K. to reuse bloodly needles.

    I hate hate hate hate needles, and it was very stressful, and very painful. The nurse that was with me couldn't give two cupcakes about me. I asked if she could at least talk to me so I wouldn't be so tense, but she was too busy setting calender dates on her phone to be bothered to talk to me..... well that's not true she asked if I was O.K. then went back to setting her calender. :rolleyes:

    After the whole thing they left and didn't give me any pain killers. I tried about four times to get a nurses attention, but since there was a woman throwing a crazy fit no one would help. I'm not one to cry, but when one hour turned into three hours without any pain meds I began to weep. Eventually someone realized what was going on and gave me some morphine and was discharged with some pretty strong pain killers.

    Had pain in my lower back for I think about a month straight before it finally subsided. Aaaaaaah.... good times, good times. :D
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    Was she hot?
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    Nope. She was an African-American woman who was probably in her late 40's early 50's and in no way would ever be considered a cougar. I don't know why but she had a cruel looking face, like those people you run into every once and awhile who just radiate the - your presence is barely tolerated and even the smallest question is some massive inconvenience to them.
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    My only experience with needles has been immunisations and some blood samples. I had IV in the past, but those were when I was really young so I don't remember much of them.

    I had a month of elective experience at a GP last year, and it surprised me how many adults were afraid of needles. Quite a few of them actually fainted, and a few more had to lie down for a quarter of an hour afterwards.

    On another note, there's a good chance I'd be examined on my venipuncture technique about a month from now.
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    Takes eight weeks to generate new cells. That's eight weeks I can't donate.

    I wish Eric was cute :( The plasma place has always gotten the vein on the first try, they just take their time finding the vein before they go for it (fine by me). When I had to be tested for Mono... Omg... I was stabbed like four times before the doctor had to do it. I have become extremely aggressive when it comes to getting a competent nurse. I will happily be 'that' patient.

    Also, I love where this thread has gone.
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    Should I get tested?
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    To my knowledge we have never swapped spit, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn you've 'sampled' my trash. I did have a cold recently.
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