Looking to upgrade your Digital Starter Pack to the Digital Deluxe Edition? Now you can!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by FrostedBranFlakes, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. FrostedBranFlakes Lead Community Manager Emeritus

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  2. Driller Storm Rider

    First I won the Digital Starter pack(tnx again 8bitTavern),then I won Deluxe Edition!
    I call that an upgrade,wouldn't you say :)

    Yeah that's right,Im bragging-So what!
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  3. trast00 Vapor Trail

    who will buy the upgrade will gonna pay the same price like the Digital Deluxe...the only gap it's the $0.01 that buyer doesn't pay...xDD

    But thank you for the news...!!
  4. TrashCanMan Founder


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  5. Cerebrix Beta Vanguard

    while i wish this upgrade was there when i did it. im glad you guys added this. but i'll be honest, i could have gone to go see lucy with the extra 30 bucks. i'll get over it i guess
  6. Driller Storm Rider

    If you explain it to support,maybe it's not too late!
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  7. angiasaa Founder

    TBH, I'm an oldie. Three years or so I think. I'd love to buy the Digital Deluxe pack, but I already have all the frames unlocked.

    That's pretty much the ONLY thing that's keeping me from taking all my money and stuffing it in :red5:'s hands.

    I wonder if anyone at :red5: is listening, but seriously, could we get something else in lieu of the advanced frames? Like more beans, or perhaps a glider that's on a separate cooldown? :p (Okay, maybe the glider request is a bit wonky, I don't think you'd be that loving toward me, but I had to try anyway.)

    Anyway, gimmie something else instead of those advanced frame unlocks and I will buy the pack with my eyes closed. I know a bunch of others who have griped about this exact issue in other threads, and they're all waiting to shell out some green. The frames are all that's keeping them from doing so.
    ref: link1link2
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  8. Firerizer Founder

    I am so close to upgrading to the Deluxe, then, damned if all those advanced frames I have just get in the way and pop my bubble.
    Pilot Tokens or (Marketable/Gift able) Pilot Licenses and I would surely turn to mush, weak knees and all...
    (Well, Maybe not all.)
  9. Sawako Titan Slayer

    Well i have already gotten myself 4 advanced frames, so would the 4 frames i have turn into pilot license instead? Or naw?
  10. Driller Storm Rider

    You would not get Pilot licences.

    But if you have pilot tokens saved up,there's always that pilot token vendor that sells purple modules for 2 pilot tokens at Kanaloa Research Station.
  11. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

    Can i upgrade my deluxe to super delux? And get minigun mounted on my mgv
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  12. #12
    Hold out for Ultimate Grand Supreme. You get a tiara.

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    If I were to get Pilot Tokens for any advanced frames that I've already unlocked, I would be spamming the upgrade link as I type this. (Script to open new tab and load upgrade link per key press)
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    I purchased the ARES starter pack in the beta which gave me all the battleframes unlocked so if they give me the Pilot Token equivalent for the advanced frames I would purchase an upgrade as I like the other items but its just not worth it right now.There are a lot of people from the beta with multiple advanced battleframe unlocks who would not buy the Digital Deluxe package because of they would be wasting money for something they already have.
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  15. Clunker Mobile Fortress

    Quick Question:
    With the "Unlocks All Advanced Frames" bit - does this mean it unlocks any *FUTURE* Advanced Battleframes?

    IE: IF/when the "Gizmo" Engi Battleframe is released (for a random example), would having bought this upgrade allow a free unlock on this frame down the line?