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    Reading this thread I realized FFA loot in a squad is pretty stupid. Some games have the option and you choose what kind of loot distribution you want, but it's never set to FFA as default as that's a pretty bad and rarely used option.

    FFA, if uncoordinated with friends, results in people fighting over picking up drops. Why not have even distribution method? For minerals: everyone in the squad gets a fair share [say, 30 crystite was picked up by one person, and squad has 5 people in it, then every member within ~250 meters of the picked up drop, gets 6 crystite]. Same can work for HP and Ammo [as far as I know Ammo gives 50% of your max ammo, so just make this 50% divided by number of people in squad, and they get that % of their max every ammo pick up by a squad member in that 250 range]

    For other drops, for example let's say the melded creature segments [for baneclaw], just make them random / alternate for the squad members. Not just the one that picks them up.
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    I totally agree with the resource distribution and rare crafting parts, but ammo and health....That should go to whoever picks it up .I mean it's not like you're going to stop mid combat and divvy those up. I like the idea of a certain amount of realism over what's fair ( sometimes ). The resources you could divide up after and it just gets done automatically for convenience.
    Ammo and health are getting spent right there and then and should be going to who picked them up. Not loot whoring those ammo/health packs is part of being a good squad member and a "skill" people should learn. I also wouldn't want to see people able to pick them up when they're full because it gets shared with everyone in their squad. That would make multi squad combat much worse when it comes to ammo and health getting to people who need it.
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    Sorry it was brought up before but not as clear and seems pretty old and not sure if necro'ing those threads is a good idea [how it works on these forums? is necroing (posting in month old threads) acceptable or have to start new one with same idea?]

    About the counter-argument I see posted there, that class specific item drops will go randomly to the bad person, well FFA is not great either. You can have people steal your drops willingly or even by mistake. For mistakes a simple solution would be trade, but willingly steal, or going it to wrong person by random distribution, needs a more complicated fix.

    They could make it so that class-specific drops go to those classes only [randomly if multiple of the same class]. Also about your HP and ammo comment, about HP I agree, but ammo not sure. I don't think anyone would run out of ammo if it was with my system, because now a lot of times a person who misses only one round or a few bullets, picks up ammo drop by mistake and wastes it. Also what about recons running out of ammo when attacking from distance?
  5. Ragethreat Founder

    Round-Robin for Minerals, divide the ammo equally or based on an equation of who needs the most ammo getting a higher percentage.

    Its not un-realistic to share ammo, its like Marines tossing a clip to each other.
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    Recon never gets the loot if he wants to be traditional long range camper/support/sharpshooter Recon.

    I got a squad member complain "hey, stop getting all the loot!"

    The solution is simple

    What one gets, all gets at the integral amount.

    Social aspect > Balance aspect
  7. polarity Commander

    Yeah, recon really needs a loot boomerang, and so much loot despawns before you can pick it up if you're fighting for an extended period.

    It would be better if when one person picked it up loot, it then got split between everyone who contributed to that kill (regardless of being in groups or not). For groups it would make sure everyone is getting a fair share, and recons (or anyone else doing damage from long range) outside of groups would be saved a ton of extra walking.

    It would probably improve group performance because more people could focus on fighting, instead of everyone trying to gather up as much loot as they can.
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    This is actually a big problem. I never went and ran around for resources during a fight because I assumed that they would all be shared squad wide. It seems really counter intuitive to stop fighting and run around for minerals because otherwise you get shafted.
  9. mouzed Founder

    I believe we need an official response for this. Sharing loot is really a needed feature. Most people are not grouping because they get the kill but someone else gets the loot.

    Divide the resources or give integral reward for everyone in the squad. Otherwise it will became common to avoid groups so you get more drops.

    >) Commander Hevn Out.
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    I would like to play recon, BUT I switched to bio only because I want loot drops too. :( At least mineral drops (including crystite ones) really needs to be shared equally with all squad mates, you can always kick or leave squad if someone not enough teamworking / getting loot "for free". Maybe they could also add somekind of kickvote feature... dunno?
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    would be nice to have checkboxes on the inventory items, so that you can decline picking up certain items

    i.e. no more melded animal parts etc.
  12. Aeriani Beta Vanguard

    I will agree that this is a serious problem, especially regarding the Recon frame.
  13. DarkByke Founder

    If you want loot, play a different class. Run around the thumper and stay close to where enemies die. Plus, the stuff on the ground really doesn't make that much of a difference when you thump great resources.
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    There really needs to have the loots given equally or shared with the rest of the squad, it's a problem for recons and I think for anyone. It frustrates some people to see someone else run around gathering all the loots while they do the killing.

    Also, with the need to be grouped up I was actually expecting to get loots shared hence why I didn't loot anything until I noticed.

    For Recons it also is a massive issue, sniping on the cliff is awesome but should you have to jump down run to the loots get ninjaed only to have to run back up on the cliff, it ruins the fun of being that ''stealthy'' class.

    Hopefully RED5 hears us.
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    Well I have to agree that being a loot ninja is second nature for me. I dont know if it is a symptom or the cause of preferring mobility classes, but I am always jumping around landing on loot while keeping an eye on the fight and shooting all the loot pinatas hehe.

    But I gave my invitations to friends recently and I find it weird that they dont take the loot as fast as me so even though I do not need it I end up hoarding it by default unless I try very hard not to take it :p So I like the idea of sharing it with the squad or every one who got an assist. But then for the rare stuff or chunks of melded meat etc maybe dont divide just give to everyone.... In fact I dont see the problem in the loot being given in whole to whomever gets a share.
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    the ferrite, coralite and quartzite drops arent that great anyway, its more the crystite drops that should be squad shared, cause there can be amounts in the 150s per crystite drop. That really is an issue, not like the 5-10 ferrite that u miss :rolleyes:
  17. JKdaKilla[AoD] Beat Boxer

    (5-10 mineral per mob) X (50 mobs) = 250-500 minerals + crystite refining = 250-500 crystite. Yeah, its really not that great when u adv thump and theres over 200 mobs :rolleyes:

    Mineral distribution sounds like a great idea until you realize: Some people actually do more killing than others and other people haven't leveled their tiers as high as others, I have been in squads where I deal over 50% of the team damage and the rest of the team just finishes mobs off or I have cleared the waypoints before the whole team even arrives.

    Mineral distribution would be great if they gave you options for sharing, because there are days where I just dont feel like dealing most of the damage and sharing my loots equivalently among the team, for example: my team sucked and we lost MY ADVANCED THUMPER cuz I was the only one watching out for my thumper and couldnt save it because I was the only one killing fire bugs and a group of explosive aranhas reaped me from the back and I could only cover 1 side of the thumper by myself while the rest of the team was attracting mobs that were outside the active attack area INSTEAD OF KILLING THE ONES IN THE ATTACK AREA or they were all busy reviving 1 person at the same time (omg only takes 1 person to revive a team mate, its not like if theres more you can do it faster, instead they could provide cover for the person reviving or SEND THE FREAKING THUMPER BACK UP SINCE THERES NO PENALTY FOR DYING). <--- Is it just me or does this happen a lot? I've only lost like 5 adv thumpers in 2 weeks because of this. I hope that you can share minerals later on to compensate the lack of team effort when losing a team members Advanced Thumper. As for this weekend I am stocking up on ADV thumpers.

    As for recon: Trash sin beacon, It'ts not like I'm gonna use a beacon to track a group of mobs from 165m+ then shoot them through a wall, a tree or a rock, make a beacon that retrieves all minerals in its range for a determined time (disabled when in squad), as for the ammo issue, u people need to learn how to make ammo packs, I've never ran out of ammo on my recons.
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    How is it even a big deal?

    Costs next to nothing to craft small health and ammo packs so a player always has those available.
    You get next to nothing from the mob drops compared to what is received when thumping or even sonic detonator nodes.

    The only thing that really needs to be shared, if at all, would be the Crystite. Seeing as it is the game currency.
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    why should i be forced to play another class just so i can advance in the game. you can't get a T2 without crystite, but if i'm on my recon, it's not safe for me up close. Recon is much more effective from a distance where they can't get to loot easily.