Looting changes in the works?

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    I would really really like to get a response from Red5 on this but also accept I probably wont.

    I was wondering with all the changes in the works like separating pvp and pve. Changing the concepts of frames and how they are being handled.

    Are there any changes planned for helping ranged fighters (recon) get the loot w/o closing in and running to it?

    I have just about maxed out recon T1 and Raptor T2 wile dabbling a bit in Nighthawk T2 and noticed that I am way behind what my GF is at as her close range frames in Crystite and other loot.

    I am not asking for ammo and health to auto be given to people from a far but wondering if the recon community and possibly others have been heard on this issue.
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    If they could just separate drops by person, that would help. Not necessarily all of them. But like, 1 out of every 5 drops: only you can see it/pick it up.
    And also make the drop despawn times longer.

    Maybe a passive ability for Recon that attracts drops from further away. Not necessarily 30+ feet or anything, but maybe from like 10-15 feet.

    Another possibility, at least for Crystite:
    Within a squad, ALL collected Crystite goes into a pool for a little while before being distributed.
  3. xSapphire Commander

    Solution Part 1: Make it so resources no longer drop, and instead are awarded to players automatically upon killing mobs.
    Solution Part 2: Double or triple the Recon's current gauss rifle max ammo.
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  4. Highrisk AMD Operator

    Highrisk suggests:

    A mobile high speed turret that can pick up loot! YES!!!
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    My opinion has been just split loot evenly between the entire party as it drops off the mobs. Remainders go to the person who killed the mob.

    Leave ammo and health on the ground to be picked up.

    At the moment as a recon I have to make my own ammo (and some health packs just in case) and I am ok with that. But I am spending more then the rest of the party just to do the job I was designed for and being rewarded far less.

    It has been brought up a lot but I have yet to hear anything from red5 on the subject.
    It is great that they understand that frames need work and are working on it. But can we hear something on an issue that is pushing people to play ways they may not want or even away from the frame itself.
    I have done an insane amount of thumping on my recon because I enjoy being a sniper but I get the feeling when T3 comes out I am going to be kicking myself for picking the frame that gets the shaft on loot and still has to pay the same as everybody ells for the next T or anything for that matter.

    And even looking past recon there are many times you kill mobs a ways off as any frame and you have to make a similar choice. Do you run out after the loot or do you stay in position to defend and stay relevant?
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    alt-fire tractor beam, have to aim accurately at the pickup
  7. Frosting Commander

    Post got moved so I deleted it~
  8. Frosting Commander

    Recons are having to be played like close ranged classes in order to get loot which is really depressing because they offer so much more from afar.

    This has been mentioned before and in other threads but no response from a R5 member yet. This is a very pressing issue because it is greatly hurting the entire class.
  9. RainDreamer Black Cats

    Agree whole heartly on the first part.

    Not agree on the second. Unless you are going to fire carelessly to the swarms without utilizing your abilities, you rarely need ammo pick up in the maximum 5 mins duration of an adv thump. I often run out of ammo right after the thump is finished, rarely before. And in that case, one ammo pack is good enough.
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    Yes this topic has been discussed a lot on Recon threads but no response to it.
    That is why I tried to bring it here. The hope is maybe moving it here to a place it belongs it may get a response.

    On topic: Honestly the only way I can see this being fixed is changing the entire looting system to give the loot to the person who kills or to distribute evenly and give the extra to the person who kills.
    BUT letting ammo and health fall to the ground to be picked up is still ideal.
    Maybe the reason this is getting ignored is because of the work it will take?
    But now seems like such an ideal time to do it with the frame changes and what not in the works. Fixing issues with recon and not fixing recon loot equals not fixing recon in my opinion.

    We as a community really need to get this issue brought to light but I don't really know any other means then making a thread like this 1..
  11. Serge Apothecary

    It is a bit of an issue BUT! you don't get a whole lot of crystite from picking it up. you can get tons of it from refining scrap hybrids from thumping.
  12. Frosting Commander

    It adds up when meld farming
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    There was an official response to this already I believe, saying loot drops will make its way back into the game 'in some form.'

    now given thats not actually what you ask hehe yes curious to know about this one.

    When i first started i assumed everyhing was shared or if i picked somethnig up it was still there for m squadies to get also (like they do in warframe)
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    When my friends and I play as a squad, the drops tend to be unevenly distributed. The Dreadnaught in our squad usually gets most of the drops, as he is closest to the mobs when they die. I'm playing Assault, and usually stay at a short distance (or in air). The plasma gun would also damage me if I'm standing to close. I think the best solution would be that the resources are split (evenly) between the players in the squad (that are in the same area).
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    After reading your response Aussie I have come to one conclusion.
    I probably should have named the thread "Loot distribution changes in the works?" and am now kind of kicking myself for it.
    Is there a way to change the title of a thread?
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    haha i think you need a mod to change it for you lol yeah lucky i read your post properly or else I thought you were asking about loot drops / items coming back :)

    **From memory clicking edit - more options, doesnt give you that option does it?**
  17. Groovrider Unbroken

    Can they give recons the ability to shoot loot to pick it up?
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    this is what came to my mind too, that being said I like it how some other games hold a seperate loot duplicate for each player. Ie. a kill drops ferrite, it spawns for all of us to pick up and only shows on each of our screens
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    And waste ammo on it ? No there should be another way imo.
  20. Groovrider Unbroken

    I think in GA loot just arrived in your inventory but they didn't have health or ammo drops at all. Presumably we would then have the milksnatcher class recons who troll you by nicking your loot.