Mammoth or Rhino for PVE?

Discussion in 'PvE Discussion' started by Character, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Character Commander

    Ever since I joined way back i've always loved Dreadnaught, I know most people love to be fast on this game, but its a satisfying feeling being a walking tank.

    BUT the way things are going, which is more efficient for PVE? Mammoth seems more efficient but im not sure for the DPS side of things.

    Also thinking ahead of t3-t4 which is looking more likely to be the PVE side?
  2. xzu

    I was in a similar train of thought.
    Know what I did? I got both... and will make up my mind based on my play style :confused:

    Mammoth, for me at least, seems a little more efficient at the mo.
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  3. Vidrak Commander

    The Mammoth just does retarded damage overall, solo at least. However, for certain group activities (like Baneclaw) the Rhino brings a lot of damage debuffs to the table (sundering wave and gravity bomb/well). So, I would say it depends. I see them both good in certain situations, however, I would still say Mammoth takes the cake overall. The higher DPS on the gun and the retarded amount of survivability it has is just amazing. If it were not for the Mammoth Plating, I would consider it a toss up.

    Bring the right tool for the right job is all I can really say ;)
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    A good friend taught me a trick, after every patch log in, pull out your LGV and shoot it. It gives you a baseline to rate the guns against one another. So far every log in the Mammoth is doing more damage than the Rhino. Now, there are abilities that may fit your style better but straight comparison of which main gun does more damage, the Mammoth is winning atm.
  5. Character Commander

    Yeah, I use to be a hardcore rhino fan, but im leaning more towards Mammoth atm, I guess we'll see how t3, and t4 does before i truly pick my main.
  6. munya Stellar Ponies

    mammoth all the way~~
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    Wait what you can shoot your own LGV and do damage?
  8. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

    Sounds weird, gonna test this to,orrow
  9. Panthera Founder

    I'm strange, I love my rhino. I have both, but rhino fits my playing style better for some odd reason. It really just depends on what you get used to and enjoy.
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    I just tried it, with all frames possible. Didn't work. Maybe I just misinterpreted the sentence...
  11. Cando Beta Vanguard

    I've had a Rhino for a couple of months and liked it. Then I got a Mammoth recently. I had no idea how good the Mammoth was; it's great! It needs to be at fairly close range though but that suits my play style. I like getting right up close to mobs and melting their faces with a bullet/laser hose. It's slow as a wet week when moving around though.
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    Obligatory "mammoth", but hey, it's what I'm used to. :p
  13. Pacifyer Commander

    Both frames are fine.
    Mammoth is more beefy and it has more DPS in close quarters especially when shooting static targets. His downside is a slow bullet travelling speed and falldown. This means he has difficulty shooting mobile targets and at a longer distance. So you start to shoot and it takes some time to adjust trajectory so the bullets will hit your target. This takes a lot of practice but anyways you will miss a good portion of your bullets in an intense dynamic combat. When PHMG AOE will b efixed Mammoth will be extremely effective. Mammoth is really a tank which always leads squads into the battle.

    Rhino's weapon shots reach target momentarily and have no falldown. This means you can hit mobile targets and targets at the distance much more easier being more effective at that. Rhino should be fine but currently it has only one really useful skill for PvE - Sundering Wave. You can however pick Accords skills which are all extremely useful. Rhino is more like a support/fire suppression frame imo. So Rhino should get his skills modified/changed at some point to fit better in his role.
  14. Alyndra Commander

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    Never ever ever go Rhino. Your Red Beans / Tokens are better spent on something else.

    I got Rhino as my first unlocked frame and just when I was getting used to it, I got to try my friend's other frames (mammoth, recluse, bastion, firecat) and they were much much better than Rhino by a large margin. Not playing Rhino made the game more fun.

    That "no bullet drop" thing they keep on bringing up doesn't make-up for the lackluster frame.
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  16. ldb

    Don't have a Rhino, but I whenever I bump into one I invariably end up needing to revive them :eek:
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    The main problem with the Rhino is its abilities. Ask almost any Rhino player (At least every opinion I've heard about the Rhino anyway) and they'll complain about the abilities. The Rhino currently, cannot stand on it's own two legs (4 abilities). The Charge is rather uneventful, (In its current state it's the equivalent of running faster to step on your enemies toes) the Gravity Well needs to actually pull things into it rather than just hold what it directly hits, and I guess Sundering Wave is okay. In PVE its HKM isn't much more than the Mammoth's passive really and that really bothers me. Another issue that bothers me is that every single one of the Rhino's abilities focuses on making multiple enemies vulnerable, and yet, the Rhino has almost no AOE. And lets be honest, the AOE that it does have (Sundering Wave) does very little damage and makes YOU vulnerable by forcing you to run into a group of enemies with out any kind of disruption and a meaningless amount of armour. (from its, also lack luster, passive)
  18. Alyndra Commander

    Since I have the feeling people didn't bother to click the links, I'll copy paste it here.