Massively Choose My Adventure - Vote for Firefall

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Phobos, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Phobos Producer

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  2. cutt1nedge Arc Runner


    such wise words....:eek:
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  3. Char Aznable Centurion

    Doesn't matter
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    Is the game really ready for Massively to do their choose my adventure? Most if not all of the games that have had that experience have been in soft launch if not fully launched. The worry being that if you bring them in at the WIP Beta stage will it get the showing it deserves? I mean my first reaction when I saw the game is "this is so unfinished". I'd hate to have a respected part of the gaming press come in, say that in a video that is going to get views.
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  5. Jector Bird of Prey

    How in the flying f' is Fallen Earth in the lead? :confused:

    You'd presume wrong. It's a steaming pile of something that fell out of the South end of a Northbound pack donkey that was climbing out of the Grand Canyon.
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  6. Dubbelklik Beta Vanguard

    I had the same question pop into my mind as well. Should they really be playing and reviewing an incomplete game?
  7. Phobos Producer

    Guys. The game can not hide in obscurity forever. We will fail far faster from being unknown than any issues of lack of content or bugs. All coverage is good coverage. Choose what you want, but trying to protect the game by making sure no one hears about it is a failing strategy and you're just making sure that no one ever plays it.
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  8. Char Aznable Centurion

    good point.
    also, the Vietnamese's gamming community is really looking foward to Firefall's Open Beta, i've collect feedbacks of our players, they said the game is really good, and can't wait till the open beta (yes they also say that the game have verry limited content, but i've take care of that part :p)
    And they always call Firefall as "Blockbuster MMOFPS" :D
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  9. CosmicD Mentor

    voted and tweeted
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  10. SystemAnonymous Founder

    Voted.. If I fell in love with the game and I'm not an old tester (I joined in December), why the hell can't thousands more do the same?

    Yea, I get bored sometimes... But the fact is that I cannot play anything else... And believe me, I've tried...

    Just make sure they get the message about what beta means here, and it'll be good
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  11. CosmicD Mentor

    Trackmania, left 4 dead, firefall, those are the 3 games that I continue to go back to. NOTHING else has really captivated me that much. Ofcourse TLJ, dead space series and bioshock infinite i fininished 10 times but ... that's not really comparable, it's still linear.
  12. Char Aznable Centurion

    Yep, i also explain that this game is still in Beta to our players, and they said "it's ok, as long as it's good, we can wait 10 years for SCII"
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  13. cutt1nedge Arc Runner

    Wooo from 55 votes to 119 votes :eek:
  14. EntropyRising Mentor

    Well I voted for Firefall, the temptation to subject someone to the Jiggly Horror of Scarlet Blade was strong though.
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  15. Nadbadass Unbroken

    Very surprised to see Fallen Earth getting so many votes. Voted for FireFall.
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  16. ZaedricFF Founder

    Firefall is second! We can do this! :D
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    Odd results. Fallen Earth is just awful and Scarlet Blade is only up there because, c'mon. It'll be a little funny. And depressing. But mostly funny.

    Voted for Firefall, of course. Though they should use an up to date picture.
  18. BolverkIronhand Founder

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    I liked it:)
    But Firefall kicks it's ass!