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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nakiato, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. Nakiato Champion of Mankind

    Hello ladies and gents,

    As some of you know I hold SINful Sunday in Broken Peninsula. Because of copyright I am not planning on doing streaming BP for awhile just to be on the safe side. Instead I will be running Jetball! Since Mentors can now pass out Jetball's I figured that this would be a fun replacement.

    Since this event is replacing SINful Sunday, I will be coordinating this for Sunday's.

    Since I can call down a Jetball anywhere, that means that this event can be held anywhere people think would make a fun "map".

    In order to do this I need an even amount of teams (hopefully 5v5). The plan would be 5 players vs 5 players. We will need a "hoop" on each team as well. As you may notice, we don't have gigantic hoops we can place in the world. So instead we will have one person on each team act as the hoop. These people are important because that's how we will keep score. I will most likely have the hoops be cast members of the SIN Imprint to keep things fair for the players. I will be a spectator that will throw in the Jetball when needed.

    If you are interested in forming a group, post below. People that cannot make it are encouraged to stream the event. I will be giving away two starter packs to streamers that happen to be watching.

    Edit: Anyone that would like to join, the Mumble Server is now open.

    Port: 8535
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  2. Souperior Holmgang Champion

    Im up for it :) Might be able to get a few army mates to play too if players are needed.
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  3. Branchizio Field Marshal

    So, will this be more of a street match, ie bring in your own abilities? Or will it be close to regulated, like bringing in abilities that arena frames had pre equipped? Either way, this sounds pretty awesome. :D
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    sounds fun - i like the idea of using people as hoops, good thinking lol.

    Could set up some amazing locations for this... i have no idea where but so many possibilities.
  5. RainDreamer Black Cats

    We need an arena where it is fair for both team though... Thinking Sunken habour PvP arena, but that would mean people can shoot players.
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    Would it be possible to get my own jetball? >.>
  7. Nakiato Champion of Mankind

    Bring em! Depending on how many people would like to go, we might have to have a few matches.
    Whatever gear you want. There is no way to regulate gear (or even do a gear check), so this will be kind of like a boxing match on the street.
    I'm sure we can find a place where we can do this that we wouldnt have to go there. There is plenty of space to chose from in New Eden.
  8. CandyLips Arc Runner

    I'd like to join! Will need info on the time though, coz I live on the other side of the world.
  9. Nakiato Champion of Mankind

    I was thinking about 3-4 pm PDT. Work graveyard now, so that's right after I wake up.
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    I am SO THERE!!!!!
  11. Wolfenstian Mentor

    Would join but can't, you guys have fun though, those omniballs are great fun to play around with. (Nakiato, if you are holding an omniball and spawn another one it stays in place. Might be fun to start the match by having two starters jump for the ball)
  12. Nakiato Champion of Mankind

    Thanks for the tip! That should be useful.
  13. CandyLips Arc Runner


    That's very early morning for me... Probably can't make it. :/
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    for this one may want to make a "no raptor" rule... they really are quite insane still ;p
  15. Jirue Titan Slayer

    Isn't shooting the other team half of what makes Jetball work? Otherwise how are you supposed to grab the ball from the other team? SH or BP are about the only places I can see this really working.
  16. CandyLips Arc Runner


    It doesn't really matter since it would be in the Open World where players can't damage each other. :p
  17. CandyLips Arc Runner


    Well now it would work more like basketball/soccer/handball or those kinds of sports.

    Speaking of which, Nakiato I think you should set a rule or something, like players holding the ball cannot move. This would make it more reliant on passing the ball and opening up opportunities for intercepting a pass and all that.
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    im pretty sure its going to be a 5v5 duel with shooting and jetball mechanics.... otherwise i have no idea how it would work lol
  19. RainDreamer Black Cats

    I mean like, people outside of the teams can interfere.
  20. Jirue Titan Slayer

    Not sure what can really be done about that. Maybe if people used Squad Duels? I'm just concerned how flat this may fall due to reviving being a little wonky with this set up, as well as the fact the ball doesn't stick on the ground for more then 3 seconds.