Methrine and octine are all now quality 0

Discussion in 'Items & Resources Bugs' started by Gorgoth, Jun 6, 2013.

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    reporting to help...keep up the good work 5.
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    Try be a bit more specific next time. I've noticed this already and submitted a bug report, but may as well add here.

    Any time you craft an item that requires "Reactive Gas Potential Energy" the resource value/name on the left is listed properly eg: NitrineQ250, but the quality value listed on the right of that is "0". And when you add this resource to the other resource to make the component it only uses the non gas resource's quality to define the items overall quality.

    So for example Servo Motors II - add NitrineQ250 and SilicateQ988, you end up with Servo Motors II Q988.

    The gas part reads as 0 and does not effect the overall quality at all. Meaning you can use GasQ1 and still get Q988 Motors at the end.
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    That seems like a rather ridiculous disparity when the logic of the rest of the crafting is based on "quality in, quality out". Why not just say "has no effect" instead of zero, or why have a gas quality at all?
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    Please post screen shots, I haven't seen this issue. :)

    If it's in the printer, then I definitely have. But not in my inventory (i.e. the quality doesn't say "0").