Recon Missing a skill on Raptor after the v0.6.1621 patch

Discussion in 'Battleframe Discussion' started by Ƥlay Ɲ Ķill, May 7, 2013.

  1. Ƥlay Ɲ Ķill Field Marshal

    I'm missing Overload skill from the skills-bar on the Raptor.


    As you can see, I've got it equipped but it doesn't appear in the skills-bar, not even the Stock one.


    I've tried /rui, relogging and restarting the game, but nothing worked.

  2. Demon Wolf Founder

    same here,but it may be due to the fact that the HKM trigger itself in an automatic way?
  3. Ƥlay Ɲ Ķill Field Marshal

    I had full HKM bar more than 3 times in the last 30mins and it didn't trigger any electro-shots, so no.
  4. sdebeli Sky Conqueror

    That's due to the fact that the HKMs of the Raptor and Nighthawk are currently bugged and give friendly fire, so they're temporarily turned off. There will be a hotfix to restore them relatively soon according to Phobos. So it's gonna be back soon. I hope :p
  5. FadedPez Community Manager

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  6. Havenless Beta Vanguard

  7. Ƥlay Ɲ Ķill Field Marshal

    Ok, cool. Thnx for the fast reply Fadez :)
  8. Demon Wolf Founder

    Thank you for the fast reply FadezPez ,well that s happen ;)
  9. XyzKiller Laser Lancer

    That's odd, some of my friends still have their Overloads. (which still have the electro shot chain thing).