Mobility Weekend [Now Complete]

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  1. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

    New Eden is a big place, and getting from one end to the other can be a pain. This weekend we’ve got a special for all of you who don’t like waiting around for a dropship to pick you up. From Friday, June 6th at 5pm PDT until Monday, June 9th at 5pm PDT all players will get free access to a reusable glider pad and the Cobra R-54 LGV. Both items will also be on sale for 10% off of their regular Red Bean price.

    Click here for more information
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  2. Vidrak Commander

    No CY weekend? /cry
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  3. terricon4 Fan Site MVP

    I suppose giving everyone a universal 25% move speed bonus was hoping for too much? And here when I read the title I was thinking of crazy chaos.
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  4. BeefBazooka Beta Commando

    now i know why they doubled the price for the reusable glider pad a while ago ...
  5. Fabricio21RJ Beta Vanguard

    Whoa, good news. I remember how excited I was when I started gathering resources to get enough beta crystite for my first bike (actually, I only have just that bike, but now I have enough money to buy one or even craft one - back then it was Commander Founder only, I believe).

    I believe it will be nice for new players, it may create that feeling of "how could I have played this game for so long without one of these?" and up the sales (or could spoil them to the point they rage quit seeing the work needed to get one, specially those who don't have an international credit card or don't want to spend money to afford one)

    Good move, :red5:, good move.

    Maybe is it time for some community racing events?
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    Awww... man. I hope the cy weekend makes its way back soon, I need to salvage.

    On the other hand, I am glad to see some a new weekend type. Good idea R5.
  7. FrostedBranFlakes Lead Community Manager Emeritus


    Stop spoiling our plans! :p I'll post about this week's community event tomorrow.


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  8. SnoozinRedPanda Caught in the Crossfire

    I highly approve of this! I'm happy for the newer players that don't yet have a LGV. Nice one R:red5: :)

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  9. Fooni Commander

    Hmm...never thought lgv's and glider pad can be used like that.
    Will be seeing Cosmetic Weekend event then?
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  10. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

    Not all weekends can be vet weekend. :)
  11. [HDP] ObsoleteVodka Beta Vanguard

  12. MajHavok I Am The One Who Knocks

    This should be fun. :)
  13. Vidrak Commander

    The large majority of them are not for veterans already :p
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  14. OrionStyles Founder

    CY weekend is supposed to be next...
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    Firefall Player Motto: "Why plan when you can react"
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    Cue conspiracy theories about red5 doing something evil with salvaging, and then making this weekend to pull more players into their trap.

    I like the idea of a mobility weekend, because it benefits newer players while not messing with the economy like some of the other boost weekends (having a massive injection of crystite every month from salvaging on the weekend can't be good for stable markets)
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    I too am hoping for a crystite weekend before the smaller inventory limits kick in.
    Anyone in red5 able to tell us if that is upcoming in the patch or not ?
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  18. a vehicle Mentor

    Shall I recommend a scavenger hunt as well?
  19. Dagron1 Titan Slayer

    Stable markets be damned

    Let Em BURN

    Don't look now but my One's and Zero's are shinier then your One's and Zero's
  20. OrionStyles Founder

    We need to know if CY weekends are removed, or when the regularly scheduled CY weekend will return.

    You guys are terrible for plan wrecking...
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