Need Help: Public Test Server Stress Test This Weekend

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Grummz, Aug 17, 2013.

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    Hey guys, we are trying to test stability and responsiveness improvement we have made to SIN.

    To do this, we need to fill up the pubilc test server with lots of people. We would like to have everyone who can help to log into the Public Test Server (not the Open Beta servers) for Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 2:00PM to 5:00PM PST.

    Please remember you must use the public test build, which can be downloaded from your beta account page at (you can download it tonight but the actual patch will go out in the AM tomorrow...but helps to get a head start)

    We need to test:

    Inventory - Responsiveness and bugs
    Printer - Responsiveness and bugs esp any duplicate items or resources
    Drops from mobs - Make sure you are getting the proper amount and not duplicates or multiples of loot drops.
    Vendors - Buying/Selling Items, etc.
    Garage - Responsiveness and any bugs

    Report your bugs to this thread. THANK YOU!!!

    Here is where you can find the download link for the client that will log you into the PTS:

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  2. fipmip The Gun Show

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    Bleh. Starting new account blues.

    I shan't be crafting anything in there.
  4. AOD_Silencer77 Founder

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  5. Fuai Herald of Decay

    I can't log into the test server. It says unable to locate server. Contact support. SOCKERR_CONNECT_TIMEOUT

    ..I'm helping..
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    Did you create a new account? You need a new account for the PTS...but I can see your error doesn't look like a login error.

    UPDATE: I am getting the same error. Its okay, the patch will be live in the am tomorrow, so you can just download it, setup your account then we should be able to log in tomorrow.
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  7. Fuai Herald of Decay

    I already made an account in the past and was on the PTR a few hours ago.

    Edit: Getting a new message now.. "OutOfOrderMessage Can't send clientstatus until connected"
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    They are working on the server improvements right now, so it may be down while they hotfix some stuff tonight. We're burning the midnight oil here.
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  9. anubis4567 Founder

    On my way!

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  10. Fuai Herald of Decay

    Now it is closed by remote request... I guess that is you guys.
  11. Beret03 Barricade

    What time do you norm get up in the morning?! Seems that you are replying to posts around the clock in here lol
    Please don't over do it, even super devs need to sleep now and again... right? 0_0
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    I have to say, having logged into the PTS for a couple hours each of the last couple days, the responsiveness was already MUCH improved. You can count on us getting a solid number of people on tomorrow to try to break this server as much as we can!
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    self removed.........
  14. Grape Apex Predator

  15. SillaKnight Founder

  16. AOD_Silencer77 Founder

    Alright, the team is starting their PTS downloads so that we can patch in the morning and be ready before lunch. We're thinking ARES Mission Marathon so that it's not concentrated at any particular map section and you can throw anything you'd like in the way (incursions, nados, etc.) We'll happily invite anyone outside of AOD to join the marathon. We'll offer anyone on our shard a group spot to do some serious ARES stomping involving a lot of moving around. No bikes will cause the team to be extremely creative...should provide some content to keep folks interested for 2-3 hours.

    Will have a couple of popular streams going to record anything that affects the masses. - AOD_MegaGnome -AOD_Silencer77

    If there's any other way we can help, let us know.
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    Thank you! We just want to work out the final bugs before pushing this SIN patch to Open Beta. This will help quite a bit!
  18. AOD_Silencer77 Founder

    Because you need/deserve it! Here's some coffee. Tweet sent, #firefall Virtual Meet & Greet! mwahahahaaa ZzzZzzzz

  19. Nalessa Black Cats

    S-SIN patch? Wut does that mean?
    A minor patch, or a big patch?
  20. AOD_Silencer77 Founder

    It's a pretty SIN-ificant patch focusing on stability/UI from what I understand. Can we count on you to do some PTS testing tomorrow and Sunday, Nalessa?

    P.S. Don't "Turn back now..." If you don't know what you're doing - AOD will help you. We need your character and your packets to get this done!
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