New Elemental Chamber Ammo - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by I'm Hit!, Dec 31, 2012.

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    I love them. I'm more partial to Thermal and Storm than Chemical. But should I be?

    is there a rock paper scissor effect to how they work or their effecitiveness around New Eden? For instance. Which is more effective against Chosen..? Thermal, Storm or Chemical? How about bandits and pirates? Or the various indigenous life?

    Another thing? Does the quality of Ferrite factor at all into the type of Thermal Chambers printed? Does Ferrite of a higher quality yield harder-hitting Thermal Chambers?

    Anyone care to speculate? Red 5?
  2. Phobos Producer

    Right now you only get more damage out of them. The designers are still working out the details on how they can be effectively used in missions and in combat with vulnerabilities and immunities. It's basically a proof of concept for now.
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  3. Isis Commander

    Quality doesn't matter at all for calldown craftables.

    Afaik it adds a solid 10% additional damage, for now - until it's fully implemented.
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    Understood and much appreciated.
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    I wasn't even aware you could use them, I keep getting SIN error when I try to, same with the few friends I asked..
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  6. BittervetAnni Lieutenant

    the SIN error i get is only a missing descrption at the nanoprinter. just ignore it.

    I like the elemental chambers for the additional damage and the changed FX.

    I don't know if its due to my low settings, but IMHO the FX could be better. Its hardly visible on some weapons. For example:
    - chemo chamber should turn your shoots look more "slimy" :D (to bad Firefall doesn't use physX).
    - electric chamber should produce more electicity arcs
    - fire chamber could have a few "splash" particles added.
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    why isn't 10X corrosive elemental damage not implemented;that's my question
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  8. Bizak Hero of the Accord

    Not really worth the effort and the cost of crafting, lets not make this a required element of the "normal" game-play by making certain mobs suddenly ultra resistant to "physical" damage while being silly weak against one elemental.
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  9. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

    I think this is intended by the devs in some form or another. Correct me if im wrong.
  10. Bizak Hero of the Accord

    Intended to be barely worth bothering with? or Intended to for playing Resistence-n-Weakness game? Because first is just keeping the power level roughly level while the other will make you go "O FFS Frozen Chosen are resisting my ice bullets which I just used and it costs me 1k cryst to change to something else and back again..."
  11. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

    Resistence-n-Weakness game

    all i read somewhere is that they gonna do more with this type of elemental dmg. so im just guessing here.
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    LOL, except that would cost you 4,000 crystite currently, PLUS the ridiculous amount of cy hybrid you had to use to make them. :D

    Anyone that tells you elemental ammo isn't expensive be trolling you. It'll eat up your resources in no time, if you're not careful. :)

    EDIT: Or maybe I forget that they come in 5-packs
  13. CosmicD Mentor

    haha, i think about mini battle bosses like the zelda link to the past cave dungeon boss, where you have to use fire on the icey part and ice on the fire part of the miniboss. Stuff like that would be cool for "coop miniboss fights"
  14. Bizak Hero of the Accord

    It is 2000 cryst and 500 cryst hybrid for a pack of 5... so that is roughly 500 cryst equivalent for one of them, each one lasts about 10mins. You can quite easily get several times that in 10 minutes, doesn't make it cheap, but it is not as crazy expensive as you make it out to be.

    You can read it again on the top of this very page - second reply by Phobos =P
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  15. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

    Lol i meant ive read it somewhere else too.
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    i dont think itll be that type of game.
    considering the scope of it, there will probably be regions where you find mobs that are mostly resistant to one type of ammo, weak to another, and dont give a fart about the last. imagine zones near volcanos, or in tundras, or like copa, next to the water.
    also it can add an extra step of teamwork to boss battles. say they have adds that are resistant to different types of ammo, so instead of constantly changing out, you just have different parts of the team focus on different adds.
    in all, the elemental ammo really does have potential to add a lot of variety to the game, and makes it look a bit prettier to boot.
    (on a personal note, it would be nice if plasma shots for the assault actually exploded in the right color)
  17. The Evil Genius Commander

    I would imagine that it would be more along the lines of "You can kill them with regular damage. But you can kill them a lot faster with Chemical Ammo." I for one welcome the new ammo mods. Though they would benefit from added effects. Maybe Fire and Chemical would have the chance to do a little lingering damaga or Electric would have the chance to paralyze a target. Also, why is there no Ice ammo? You could easily get rid of the cryo shot ability and replace it with Ice ammo. Not sure if it's of any use in PvP, but I have never used it in the open world.
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    too expensive
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  19. Bizak Hero of the Accord

    As far as I know plasma can be just about any color... so there is no "right" color for it to be.
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    i mean when you use the thermal ammo it turns it into a giant fireball, but when it explodes it uses the same color scheme that the regular plasma shot has, which is kinda anti-climactic.
    a nice big fiery explosion would be nice, especially with the nova cannon.
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