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    So I log in after the patch is done and.. its night... still cannot see anything.
    Please guys this is a serious problem. We need to see in the dark, the Rifle is useless if we cannot see what we are firing at.

    On a side note, the little use of the rifle I had in the night is promising, I would still like to do a little more damage with it but anyhow :p, the zoom is much better and the charge time does not suck anymore.
    I will try it out again a little later when I can see what I'm shooting at.
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    This is already in the feedback section where you can vote about it. I second this thread here. I realize that night is supposed to be the way it is, and it's actually really good, I'm loving it, buuuuut I'm playing recon. When night comes one thought in my mind emerges as with all recon players - "Damn now I can't do anything and my eyes will bleed when I try to do so" Add some passive portion to an activated skill be it already existing skill or remake a new skill I'm fine if I have to pay a skill slot for this but it will be worth and TBH this might be just the one thing the recon needs to be on par with the other battleframes and be the thing that pops out when you think recon.
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    FYI there are fan-made addons that give you a nightvision scope. This is achieved by temporarily bumping up your gamma levels when looking through the scope, then bringing them back down again afterwards. Some more sophisticated versions of this use a color tint. I believe the addon is called Reticulator, but I could be wrong.
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    I'd like to see NV goggles as a craftable last slot item, triggerable, with infinite uses or perhaps a charge system, as part of a larger change to the crafting system allowing us to get much deeper into tuning our items, and not just a one shot slap in the 500 minerals and go, sort of thing.
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    its 500 years into the future. each and every man, woman and child now has the option of equipping personal jump jets fueled by a reactor core the size of a football and with the power of a miniature sun.

    But no. We dont have night vision.

    And nope. We cant swim. Dont even ask.
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    Make it a universally equip-able skill, I mean I don't mind setting psu ,cpu and a skill slot aside for something like that, it would be something that you either want or not, I mean I would even use this for my Assault. Although I would just make it an on/off skill, I don't want to run out of juice mid fight :p.
  8. Kia

    Night Vision?
    why would you need that?
    you can just tell by the shadows

    like this one
    It's obviously bat -- OOOHHHHhhhhhoooooooo
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    I'd think you could carry batteries, on the consumables list. You could make that one of the tradeoff options, Battery Capacity, and then you could carry light batteries and top up a lot, and pay in terms of construct actions, or heavy batteries with a longer construct time, and a greater risk of overfilling and wasting some charge, or leaving it wait too long and losing NV mid fight.
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    Or you could run it off the juice in that backpack that everything else runs off of. In a future with the kind of power for jump jets and such, night vision goggles are gonna drain practically nothing. Maybe have it drain jump jet power at a very slow rate? It'll have repercussions for staying in it all the time, but still let you use it a fair bit. Or hell, just make it an infinite toggle, but SIN affecting skills and emp stuff can screw with them.
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    I don't want night vision.
    Anything that adds a filter/color to the screen just makes it look like crap. ATM adding things to SIN should help with the current mechanic.

    However, I'd like to later be able to see more than 85m at night.
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    Actually, you know what? That just gave me a cool idea. You know how your enemies light up red briefly when you add them to SIN? Throw in an ability or a piece of equipment (possibly a second special for Recons as I find the current one rather useless for PvE) that lets you keep the target lit up for as long as they're in your SIN net? Screw night vision. That right there is what we need.
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    So you want the current "Added to SIN" to remain until the target is off SIN?
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    That or a variant of. Basically, just something so that you can see where the head is at longer ranges.
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  15. Kia

    SIN beacon?
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  16. Abelf Apothecary

    Night vision, or at least something with a similar effect, would be appreciated.

    Doing something with SIN could be more interesting than just adding night vision. But...

    Should all classes have it? Should it be a permanent item, a consumable, or an ability? Once activated, does it only last a few seconds, 10 secs, or until cancelled? Should the benefit of having night vision require the sacrifice of some other ability/equipment? Will implementing said trade-off just burden players with treks to a garage every time it gets dark out (especially true for recons, who are less effective at night)? Etc, etc.

    I don't envy Red 5 one bit for having to consider all of this just to introduce into the game what appears to be a simple feature.
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    Like I said, being a Recon enthusiast myself, I feel the current special for Recon (the one that makes SIN last longer) is generally useless in PvE as I rarely find points where SIN actually does anything for me. I do see its purpose in PvP, so I wouldn't suggest taking it out, but I would ,possibly, propose this as a second special. Recon is really the only class that will really benefit from it as pretty much everyone else is within the normal sight range of night time. The trade-off being that your SIN doesn't last as long (which to my knowledge doesn't go away if you're watching them).

    A simple feature it may be, but it changes the balance of things. To be honest, if PvP weren't so big and people didn't cry constantly about this imbalance or that op thing (whether what their saying is true or they just got beat by someone better is a whole different problem), I feel a lot of games would be so much more fun because there would be less balancing for making entirely different playing styles viable to combat each other on the exact same level (and in a tiny arena -.-' #screw that) and they could spend a heck of a lot more time and freedom on making the classes (or frames) you play fun in their own way. This would also allow the devs to throw a lot more customization out there for you to play with. Of course that's not going to happen here, as they're aiming for this to become a really serious e-sport, but I would like to see one of those pop up sometime soon.
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    Do you remember that mission we did where we hacking into that squidhead's SIN, I reckon the night vision should be like that. Not a 'night' vision per se, more of an 'everything gets turned into white wireframe except mobs that are red like when you press F' vision.
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    That could take away a lot of the night element people like though, and it's basically like having normal night vision except not only the colors are off, but the detail is as well... which won't really do much different.