No Regenics to be found

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    I'm a casual player. It's impossible for me to advance the only frame I'm interested in playing.

    I occasionally see some Regenics and head for the watchtower that reports them in SIN. When I get close I am notified by the ever helpful Aero that there is a squad thumping nearby. So I check the map again and head for the squad. My waypoint invariably disappears when I'm halfway there, telling me the squad has sucked that vein dry.

    It's impossible for me to advance the only frame I am interested in playing, and I'm pretty frustrated by it.
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    I have seen it pop up more than once in the same day, part of the issue with beta is many things are geared toward the final product not making them work really well right now. My feeling is once this game is launched there is going to be a ton more territory to thump and you won't see regenics disapearing off the map quite so fast. In the meantime i would just keep checking and hope for the best, but we can't really expect tons of programming to be done that is for sure not going to be in the final product that creates a lot of busy work that ultimately will get trashed. So ya i do understand the current frustration with some aspects of how the game is not but we can't really expect more time to be put into making things comfortable now VS. getting this game ready for open beta ASAP.
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    I collected some Regenics from the inside of a Melding Tornado today, might be the way to go.
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    First off, I'd like to thank everyone for the mature responses. This is a lot better than I had hoped for.

    Actually, yes. I was hoping for more than just a name change. I was hoping that some sort of dynamic resource creation was being put in place to ensure that there was always one of each type of resource on the map.

    Frankly, I am hoping against hope that the market will actually be a tool that is useful to everyone (when it is implemented) rather than just another PvP playground for the few.

    As for the rest of the comments, well I'm only able to get on sporadically, and for limited amounts of time at that. I'll take time to thump (which uses up all my time that I might have for running other missions), or join a squad thumping for pretty much anything if I can find one.

    But I'm taking 2 classes (16hrs in class a week), working full time, and have a family that requires attention. When I do some gaming it's for relaxation, not frustration. And I'm getting pretty frustrated by playing for past 3 weeks and being unable to advance.
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  5. Kriexy Commander

    My Resource, Octine (Tigerclaw) is like everywhere, while my newbie friends need Ceramics which is much harder to find :p
  6. Kuldred Titan Slayer

    ARES missions are always there, you don't have to wait for them to respawn. They reward a decent amount of resources now, and it may be hit and miss for regenics specifically, but it's another option.
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  7. Sanshou Lieutenant

    Even Ares missions seldom drop reginics from what I've seen, I have over 10k gathered in other resources from doing missions and tower recaptures and under 2k of reginics in the same amount of time. I've been trying to gather 2k for almost the past week to get that next unlock. I really don't see trading fixing this either as the cost of the resources at this drop rate will be far too expensive for most to afford. It's not much better for the Recluse either, a nightmare getting resources for those two. Even trying to log on in the middle of night to thump is too no avail.
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    same issue here, i feel there there should be at least one of ever resource on the map at all times, and the veins are so small now that if u do find some you lucky to get 500 of it, that is of couse if there wasent a hole squad thumping it before u got there.
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    I am about to create a thread which this plays a factor in but focuses more on the major impact on the social aspect of the game these changes have made. With regards to this comment specifically, before the renaming of resources, they respawned rapidly so when a vein was sucked dry another almost instantly appeared, if not in a few minutes. Now the resources just seem to stack up with the stuff that people don't use or need. Ive often seen entire areas that are reported as only trace amounts on SIN aswell as resources stuck in the melding for 3 days that people cant get access to. I played on my day off for pretty much 20 hours and regenics never respawned the whole day and i just kept the game signed in and checked it every 5 minutes or so. The main problem has been that so many people were complaining that resources were hard to find. I personally had never found it difficult to find resources before they dramatically increased the size of the veins but i just shrugged and thought it couldn't do any harm increasing the vein size to make it easier to locate. What i hadnt accounted for happening is that they would increase the majority of the veins to cover like half an area. Coupled with that they had just corrected the "bug" that caused only one persons resources to get pulled out a vein rather than the entire squads as well as the 100% bonuses. The massively increased vein size with this new "improved" drastic reduction in vein resources has effectively reduced the amount of veins by about 5-10 times and likewise with the amount of resources in the vein so over all on the map your looking at about 25-100 times less resources at any given time compared to the way it was when the resources were named differently and were also smaller.

    The main problem this has brought other than the obvious one of it being pretty much impossible to get your hands on anything worthwhile is that squad thumping is pointless now. Since there are areas on veins with upto 95% then you are far better just going out and drop an LP on the 95% to get yourself more resources rather than sapping it dry in one advanced thump not to mention it being a whole lot easier and less dura loss. Anything less than an advanced thumper and your more profitable using personal thumpers on the highest %. So much for the social aspect of the game. If/until they increase the vein sizes back to about 50k then there is no point in being in a squad of more than yourself for thumping. Ive not got time to proof read this so sorry if its grammatically poor.
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    Its also worth noting that if you are doing advanced thumping, then you cant just drop it anywhere and if its a high Q resource then by the time you find the right spot someone will usually have closed in on the location and ropped their LP meaning you cant get access to the vein on a good spot. Its all about rushing to an area now and dropping whatever you can solo in the hope you can maybe get a thump or two if your lucky. Not fun.
  11. Wyntyr Founder


    Tell me about it, I am running with a Bastion atm and have been looking for regenics for 3 days (off and on) with no luck...until today. Happened to see it pop up when someone else was thumping within 500m of me. Was able to get 2 lite per thumpers of it (and 2 other resources as well). I now have enough to finish my last green constraint. About to move on to tigerclaw. Happy hunting!
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  12. Nozama Founder

    The funny part about this is I thumped regenics today twice, solo both times with my LPT and no one else showed up. I was able to gather almost 3k in resources and grabbed another blue on my Bastion. Mostly up by the dump just outside of Meld range and then they popped in Sin across three other areas and I jumped on the first vein I found.

    Now, I'm not saying they aren't hard to find... I'm almost out again and have thousands in other resources, even ones I use to progress other frames that are entering blue,
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    1 in 16 chance. That's not even a work around,..
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    They obviously need to make resources that are getting thumped more actively replace veins that are not getting thumped actively.
    They should also reduce the sizes of veins by a large margin, so you can thump on the outside of someones "orange zone" but have a much lower %, so if you got lucky and landed your LPT in the highest % spot and some squad comes along and drops a HST on the vein, it takes them several thumps to dry it up since they get mostly dirt, and the player who found the vein to start with can get a few thumps in on it. That is the most frustrating part besides not finding resources.
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  15. Baraun War Smith


    Due to the turret nerf/ai bug its not worth playing bastion atm. (well,.. it always is but you know what i mean)
    Try electron:
    -heavy turret
    -charged pulse generator (not as powerfull as I hoped...)
    -supply station
    -repairing nanites
    -personal turret HKM

    This is a very handy to support a bastion, as they use sentinel turret and no supply station.
    That electron is pretty versatile, both 1shot culex kills and descend aoe rmb spam. And if you realy want aoe, take the engeneers sticky grenade launcher...

    Bastion is overrated anyway. ;-)

    Kind regards,
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  16. Sanshou Lieutenant

    Might of been a bit of establishment in my earlier post. Going over it it looks like it's about 1/3 of what I got in other materials from missions etc.

    In the last couple of days I've gotten over 12k in purples, 6k in toxins and 6k in petro's (plus a few more thousand in secondary green drops) and only about 3k in white reginics. About half of the toxins were thumped, but the rest came from missions and tower seige/defense. I'm going to refine it all and check it a few times to see the drop rates as it certainly appears regincs drops less even in missions offhand.

    I should mention I was using another frame I'm not sure if frame selection matters on mission objective rewards?
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    Ive wrote the thread i was referring to, if you care about the state of the game at the moment its definitely worth the time to read through it and comment on it. Because of its length it will probably be over looked but i truly believe it is the biggest problem in the game right now and covers alot of more minor issues that have been pushed into the red and compounded by the simple lack of resources of late.
  18. Baraun War Smith

    This is what I have asked myself aswell. But i believe that its superstition. :)
    I have gathered around 10k regenics without thumping any of them in 4 days. I believe it is randomly distributed or depends on what's in the ground around the missions.

    edit* Has buying in resources for red beans been suggested yet? ^^ :p just kidding , as it is now RED5 would make a fortune selling regenics.

    kind regards
  19. Sanshou Lieutenant

    I think you're right, I just had bad luck those few days. As today I started with a clean slate in my raw totals and it looks about normal. I actually got to thump about 2k today in Thump dump as well. Looks like I'm getting that shinny new upgrade today. :D

    Edit: For an after thought; I know they limited the nodes for a good reason. But if they plan to make some of the later areas more contestable and I think heard them state the chosen may gather resources as well. It seems fitting to make the veins in these areas contain more resources so they are worth fighting over. This would give the bigger/group thumpers more game play then currently.
  20. Wyntyr Founder

    Currently timing and location are everything. Once the trading post comes into the game maybe it wont be much of a problem.
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