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    From the FAQ:
    It's also in the february dev diary that this is explained I think. Here.
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    If u stay logged in forum and do nothing does that mean that ur active?
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    No,you need to write or help people out
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    No, logging in and lurking is fine:
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    But if you write and help you have bigger chance to get a beta key
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    yes you may do but i seen players get keys by not doing that......they just got lucking :(
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    ah, I don't technically log out, I have beta access, but I don't ever seem to get friend invites to send, is this because I always leave the account logged in to comment on the forums?
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    A lurker is considered active though in :red5: community.
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    does that mean peple that have just joined has not any chance ?
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    No they have chance but they are gonig to probobly get it later
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    As I understand it, the idea is that Users without Beta access are selected using a random generator.

    This generator is linked to the Member ID number which is a forum serverside function which we don't have access to.
    You can see User IDs by quoting someone. It's listed in the Quote [BBTag]

    The people whom qualify for entry, as stated by Faded and Phobos I believe,

    are people whom are "Active."

    Active; let me stress this, is if you have Logged in in the past 90 days as I have read before.

    Post count, like count, trophies (Though they are inactive), follower count, following count, status update count, do not count towards any likelihood of guaranteed Beta Access in the next wave.

    The reason they say "be active" and say to get involved in the community is because you MIGHT get friendly with someone who's already in the Beta and who MIGHT get Beta Invites.

    This is a much easier way to get access to the Beta if you can make friends easily.

    /Gareth The Friendly Synner.
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  12. Phobos Producer

    I will be as transparent as I can. At this point in beta anyone that registered before July 2011 and logged into their account sometime between January 2012 and March 2012, should have a beta invite in the e-mail. There are a lot of people that were invited and haven't accepted. I am currently working on a system that will make it easy to tell if you have an invite and just don't know about it.

    To all the people saying "I've been registered since the beginning of time and I visit the site every 20 milliseconds and I post 20 times a second and I still don't have a beta key"... Our records show otherwise. Now. As to the "be a worthwhile member of the community to get a key", I manually give out invites to people I see being helpful or otherwise creating a positive community atmosphere. That is completely my prerogative and I may go months without sending a single invite.

    There are also invites given out by people currently in beta. They all have their own methods to who gets their invites. Some do contests, some invite army mates, some invite friends, some toss them out randomly. That's their choice.

    Hope that helps explain the system. We want to reward people who are truly interested in the game first before inviting the people that sign up and then disappear thinking that the beta is just a preview event. Firefall is a real beta. There are real bugs, real issues, real imbalances, and we want real feedback. Someone that only registers and disappears is just as likely to install the game, play for 20 minutes, and then never come back. Not useful to our team at the moment. Later in beta when we're polished enough to be considered a "preview", sure, those people will start to get invited.
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    good luck to those people and GL :) in-game
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    Phobos, between you and Fadedpez, this thread is a wealth of information. Thanks. May the force be with you.
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    That part right there is epic. Need to save it...saved.
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    so to be clear, atm will be very hard to the active and helper "new ppl" to get invited rigth ?, via red5
    just to get ready for and other 2 months waiting =P