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  1. Vvree Commander

    Evening All

    I wanted to see if anyone knows or has any idea what the Omnidyne-M Tokens are for.

    Also, It was motioned that you could get the Warpaint from Gamecon in the release of Arsenal patch/milestone by means other then via the Gamecon code - Anyone have a clue of how we get it.

    Thanks in advance
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    Use the Omnidyne-M tokens in sunken harbor. I think it is Mustang that sells all the new things near the SIN beacon. He sells the Warpaint , Decal, Titles and Silver Tokens.
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  3. Vvree Commander

    Very nice thank you very much :D
  4. EntropyRising Mentor

    You can get Three Omnicon tokens a day by completing the Arsenal Dailies. You can trade them in to Mustang, hes in the gamescom coloured Arsenal frame next to the arcporter, for the following
    I'm not sure if Omnicon runs for 4 or 5 days so you could have either a total 12 or 15 tokens
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  5. Zebadee Beat Boxer

    minimum it needs to run is 4 days if people want the chance at getting all items apart from the silver token, due to only being able to get 3 a day.
  6. Kenjji Titan Slayer

    Can I only earn 1 per day per game? It is not clear or stated anywhere that I have seen.
  7. DarkMarshall Lieutenant

    They are dailys so I'm confident in saying is 1 per event, per day. 3 total?
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    The Arsenal Daily Challenges are your 3 Dailies during Omnicon.

    This lets you earn 3 Omnidyne-M Tokens a day for the next 5 days.
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  9. Kenjji Titan Slayer

    What is the daily limit on earning these tokens? Is it only the 3 games? Target, Defend and Rocketball?
  10. Tomonor Beta Vanguard

    3 per games, yeah.
  11. Shadowyc Beta Vanguard

    ...what are they used for? 8v
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    Buying silver tokens.
  13. CptFancyPants The Gun Show

    You can also buy some titles and the warpaint from Mustang with them.
  14. -Taihaku- Black Cats

    Omnicon warpaint (which is the gamescon warpaint), Omnicon Decal, Silver token, Arc Runner Title, Gun Show Title.
    (the warpaint and the decal are also in the gamescom code pack which included 120 red beans)
  15. Kenjji Titan Slayer


    And I couldn't find the original post so a moderator can combine my 2 threads.
  16. FWarg The Gun Show

    4 days + 3 tokens per day = 12 tokens
    12 tokens / 4 tokens = 3 silver tokens
    So getting that. Already have Omnicon stuff. Not interested in titles. :)
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    does anyone have a pic of the omnicon warpaint they would like to share?
  18. FWarg The Gun Show



    Used Google.
  19. Llyssa Beta Vanguard

    I've gotten 3 ODM tokens, and apparently cannot get any more. Is there some secret to this, or do we have to wait for the next day, or what?
  20. Niknod Arbiter

    1 for each daily mission, so 3 per day, for the remainder of the omnicon event.