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    Ill edit in a more polished recruitment thread in the future as things grow around here, but briefly:

    Overly Offensive is a sub-division of www.NoFearGaming.com. Overly Offensive is used for competitive FPS play and MMO's. We are currently kicking ass in Global Agenda, but have also played War Online, Age of Conan, Tabula Rasa and a few other MMO's. Our group when in APB swelled to 90 players at our peak. Although we lost alot due to APB closing, alot did stick around for our move to GA.

    We are currently playing Global Agenda as the main focus of Overly Offensive til FireFall drops. We are doing extremely well too and win most of our matches, although were just doing Merc ATM while we get us all leveled up for AvA. Recruitment is open. Read below for our reqs and drop us a line on our forums if you would like to come play while we wait for FireFall.

    FPS wise, we currently host servers in Team Fortress 2 & Bad Company 2, with servers going up in BC2: Vietnam & CoD7 when they drop this fall. All our servers go under the name 'THE LIZARD LOUNGE'. Our Steam group for -ll- (The Lizard Lounge) is 550 members strong and open to the public. We also have a 100 member XFire group for those that like that program. Alot of members also play titles like StarCraft 2, Civ5, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, Settlers 7, Borderlands, and a few others, on a daily basis.

    We use Teamspeak 3 for communication. Our server can handle up to 512 users, so we are more than able to accommodate large groups, and is well admined and maintained. With channels supporting any game members play with the highest codec available for ultra-clear voice chat that makes Vent users drool, along with avatars and group icons that make our server look unique, TS3 is a no brainer of a choice for voice comm. TS3 is a requirement for membership, as is replying to this thread and site registration.

    Enough about us, more about you. We dont have many rules. We are of the opinion that its your game, your money, play it how you want, but we do try to organize some sense of chain of command and events. With an early start like this, I will be setting up divisions within the army, with leaders of those divisions, depending on how many players sign up, but this is just the beginning stages.

    We are strictly 18 and over. Sorry. Most of us are in our late 20's and 30's, and it just seems weird to us to have kids in with us as we cuss and swear our way to victories. There is enough of those disrespectful kids that talk to people like they are dirt in their shoes without us contributing to it by throwing them into an adult environment when they are too young to be in one.
    We are VERY anti-asshat tween drama. These are games. We come home from after work to relax and play them. We even laugh our heads off when we get owned. Why? Its funny. If you are the type that stomps and screams when they get killed, this may not be the place for you. If you are the type to drum up drama, sticking your nose in other ppl's business, forcing your opinion on others like you are some moral authority on gaming, this may not be the place for you.

    If though, you are looking for a place to get away from those types, and play some serious, fun, competitive gaming, then this IS the place for you. Our membership, because we try to filter out bad seeds like those mentioned above, is a very fun group of ppl with great personalities all around. Its nice to be in a place where you can get along with almost everyone, and have huge laughs along the way.

    Best part, even though we base membership more on personality, we ended up getting some SERIOUS skill and talent in our ranks. IMO some of the best shooters ive ever played with over the years are right here in house.

    sign up on our forums here:

    That's it. Ill clean this up at a later date.
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    I've been a member of the No Fear Gaming community for more years than I care to count and I couldn't imagine myself being anywhere else. This is an amazing group of individuals to hang out with and game.

    I look forward to branching out into Firefall and all that entails. Hope to see you soon not only in game but also in our forums and teamspeak.
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    Sup Ant. Yeah, this is looking like a great game to support. Cant wait for beta!
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    Our fearless leader has spoken. I support this thread. :p
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    im all up for fun gaming I play on you're TF2 server nown again ^_^
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    Nice to meet you Modern. Surprises me how many players Ive ran across who have played on our TF2 server. Small world. It's a busy server to be sure, just cool to run across players who have played with us before, and most of the time, didnt even realize it.
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    Welcome to the fray modern.
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    Yeah I've played on your TF2 servers before...bunch of good guys and gals.
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    Hey guys :) I will definitely be getting this game. Anything made by the Tribes team (whats left of them at least) is bound to be awesome!
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    i've gotten my ass handed to me by you guys on APB a few times.
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    You're more than welcome to jump in with us in FireFall's beta and full release Kintrik. Nice to meet you. We will be doing some gaming in a few titles before then too. We will have Lizard Lounge servers in Bad Company 2: Vietnam and Call of Duty 7 as well. Also playing SC2, Borderlands and a few other games too.
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    you might even get to pet the dardf! (just thought I'd throw in some extra incentive :)

    Either way though, I just checked out some of the firefall videos and it actually looks kind of fun. Reminds me of borderlands a bit, which was a load of fun.
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    ^_^ happy that everyones happy
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    ahh apb...the game you love to hate and hate to love.
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    Hate that APB died. I was actually good at that game!
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    What timezone is the majority of the group?
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    I'm in -6 time zone, I think the majority of the people are roughly -4 though?
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    Ah. Was just curious since I'm in a -8 timezone.
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    We all kinda spread out over NA. Im in -5 with alot of members, but there is alot in -8 too, and everyone zone in between. Because of this we always host our dedicated servers thru Chicago.
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    Do you guys encourage getting bombed and shooting stuff?