Patch Notes for v0.6

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by schinder, Mar 22, 2013.

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    Holy f'in balls electron engineer gets a shockrifle, abilities look fun too! Time to rethink my battleframe choice.
  2. The Evil Genius Commander

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  3. LuvList Master Blaster

    can someone confirm that gravity bomb is almost the same as the old one? 0.0
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    will specialty frames retain their original frames abilities?
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    Until the craftable LGV is in-game, we've set it up so that you can use El Terromoto's "loaner bike" for the Player Built LGV races.
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    i'll let it prove itself first but me not liking assaults without afterburner idea...

    i'm not liking that at all. i can forgive tigerclaw getting a non-optional nova cannon alt-fire. but no movement abilities on an assault is not a happy day.

    on a side note chosen may be worth fighting again...just wont be anyfun without my afterburner rocket boots combo. about the only thing i get to keep from my old tigerclaw is the missileshot.

    can i craft a fusion cannon without an altfire to save on constraints? unless nova got a huge rework it has no value to me
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  7. Daed Skullbane

    dang..was hoping poison trail and such would be redesigned a little more or we would get different abilities instead for the recluse. seems to be still fairly useless in pvp by looking at the patch notes..
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    Works for me, thanks for the reply.
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    Yes! So exited for this! :D

    Great job :red5:! Feedback will be on the way once it's live :cool:
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  10. Hephestos Commander

    Is it even fair to call these patch notes? Maybe a patch novel, or patch epic. At least it's not a patch trilogy...sequals are never as good as the original.

    Anywho, looks like I'll be going back and trying all the redesigned Accord frames now.
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  11. Ionizerjt Commander

    Thank you,Thank you,Thank you.
  12. cutt1nedge Arc Runner

    Everything is pretier now and change...and snipers.....tortured souls......bald head....OMG....

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  13. Nerfbane Calamity

    Oh sweet Dread Frames have awesomeness written all over them.
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    Someone hold me.
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    Holy patch...

    Just read through the whole thing. No TL;DR will do you good, I recommend reading the whole thing (to anyone who sees this post). Super badassery awaits.

    Biggest thing you'll want to look at is the battleframe change. The way combat will function for just about everyone will change since the battleframes themselves changed so much.

    Lot's of stuff about Chosen, all looks *really* good.

    You'll definitely want to check out the section about crafting changes as well.
  16. LuvList Master Blaster

    i am kinda curious about kinetic shot.i really dont know people who used it and the one here seems to be unchanged at all.

    Slow crossbow looks interesting,ill keep my opinion after i used it though!
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  17. jenrai Commander

    This. Is. AWESOME.
  18. DarkByke Founder

    Baneclaw fixes?
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    Ehh... I'm a little afraid for the effectiveness of the Recluse in general. It was my favorite frame before the patch, but now? I dunno. Especially since Kinetic Shot is one of its abilities... its almost impossible to nail anything particularly evasive with that ability.

    Also color me very unimpressed with slow assault without evasion moves.
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