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Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by schinder, Mar 22, 2013.

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    Primary Weapon - Heavy Plasma Machine Gun
    Rapidly fires small plasma projectiles that explode for light AOE damage on impact
    Specialty (Passive) - Imminent Threat
    All enemies near the Mammoth take more damage from all sources
    Ability 1 - Teleport Shot
    Fires a projectile that teleports the Mammoth to the spot of impact. Modified to allow hitting the ground or other objects.
    HKM - Tremors
    Powerful seismic waves erupt from Mammoth every second for Tremors' duration, causing damage to nearby enemies, knocking them back and snaring their movement

    Primary Weapon - Heavy Laser Machine Gun
    Fires lasers at a high rate of fire and maintains damage at longer distances than other HMG variants.
    Alternate Fire – Focused Beam
    The Heavy Laser MG fires a single, short-ranged laser that consumes ammunition at an incredibly high rate but does higher DPS than the primary fire.
    Ability 1 - Charge!
    Ability 3 - Sundering Wave
    Powerful wave erupts from Rhino dealing low damage to nearby enemies and causing them to take bonus damage from all sources for a duration
    HKM - Dreadfield
    The Rhino surrounds itself with an energy-siphoning vortex.

    Literally, you get to be the Rhino/Mammoth. Going to be amazing..
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  2. _Dharak_ Commander

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    Frames are so different!
  4. Drunk Thumper Commander

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    Thank you for bringing me death and destruction, thank you.
  6. cutt1nedge Arc Runner

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    Does speciality classes have access to original class skills?

    If not basic assault having afterburner and tigerclaw and firecat not looks weird.
    Less customization is never more appealing.
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  8. Kaedan Shiro Founder

    Overall very nice, and I'm very excited to give everything a try.

    However, I'm somewhat disappointed in the move towards less customization options. I'm hoping that the 3 abilities listed under each battleframe are just DEFAULT abilities, and not everything they'll have available. I will be very disappointed if I can't used Crater on my Firecat or Tigerclaw, for instance. One of the best things about Firefall was the ability to customize... well, abilities.
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  9. LuvList Master Blaster

    phobos did say something about content.not sure if its this chosen warfront thing.
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    ARES Missions / Local Events are new content. There's more than just Chosen stuff.
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  11. HelixEffect Founder

    Its going to feel like yet another whole new game. Bonus! This, will be sweet.
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    Cant wait to test this on Recon

    HKM - Accord Artillery Strike
    Designates an artillery strike at spot of reticle
    After a brief moment, Accord artillery shells impact the designated area for AOE damage

    cmon patchy start to dl already
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    It should since they implied you can equip more than 3 abilities provided you have enough Cores. Since there's only 3 per Battleframe and since the ones on the basic Battleframe seem more general, I would assume so.
  14. The_Mess Field Marshal

    I <3 both the mammoth and the rhino, but even the stock Accord Dread looks awesome :3

    Lasers, plasma or an HMG? Hmmmmmmn...
  15. LaidBackInu War Machine

    I means all in all everything looks Nice But question lingers in my mind will we be able to use other abilities or are we stuck with the base 3 skills on every frame?
  16. LuvList Master Blaster

    ah thanks for the confirmation!! i knew there was more cause phobos mentioned it and im trying to find it!
  17. Hamaya Commander

    *pats back* Good job, I remember talking to you a while back about all the possibilities you were considering for the warfront. I'm very glad to see some of those made it into this patch. I hope to see the system evolve even further! Can't wait to play it!
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    Well technically... the Rhino has a Plasma-firing HMG that can alternate fire death-beams.
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    *relaxes and goes to sleep*
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  20. good catch and reasoning :)
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