Patch Notes for v0.6

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by schinder, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. Hamaya Commander

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  2. There's no mention of durability on items. 'Sup with that?
  3. In PVE, Advanced frames inherit from prior frames. So, all Electrons can equip Accord Engineer skills. But the Bastion can't equip the Electron's stuff. Just remember you can't equip an item on another frame if you already have it equipped on one of your other ones :)

    For PVP, the loadouts are stock.
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  4. treezat Storm Rider

    Do you even Thump, bro?

    as if chosen warfront and invaions weren't enough, what about the new dynamic missions and events, the new crafting system, the changes to thumping, resources, all of the battleframes and abilities, the new user experience...

    wait... are you sure you read the same notes we did?
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  5. Xenogenic Senior Designer

    Tigerclaws can manipulate movement in 4 ways.

    1) Trailblaze. They can place it and run over it for a self-boost to speed. They can store up to three uses of this ability at once, so it's possible to place one in front of you, one a ways in front of that one, and one farther in front of that one so you can just keep hitting them and running at improved speed for a relatively long duration.

    2) Disruption Wave snares enemies, so he can catch up or escape by slowing those he's concerned with.

    3) Tether Field basically renders an area of the map impassable for enemies, while the Tigerclaw and his teammates can continue moving about freely.

    4) Every time a Tigerclaw uses an ability, he gets an energy regeneration boost for 5 seconds. Use this to jet longer or use your "air sprint" longer.

    In other words, he's still very much "about movement," but that doesn't have to mean he needs to come with multiple, easy-to-use and very powerful movement abilities (like afterburner into a cannonball). You have to use more planning or clever play with your passive now.

    That said, we'll keep an eye on All The Things™ and tune as necessary in the coming weeks.
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  6. The_Mess Field Marshal

    The stock abilities are those that come with the frames and are part of the stock PVP set up. I'm pretty sure there will be others buried in the tech trees for further PVE customisation though, and with crafting, I'm sure there's a fair bit of variation to explore in even the stock abilities capabilities ;)
  7. ~sweetcheeks~ Apothecary

    It was just a joke.
  8. treezat Storm Rider

    Awesome! Thanks Xenogenic!

    this patch looks amazing! I can hardly wait!
  9. No afterburner for tigerclaw or firecat
    No decoy for Nighthawk
    for pvp ?

    I am able to customize my ideal frame for open world and not enjoy it for pvp?
  10. Firerizer Founder

    Impressive, Red5... Needs a nice quiet weekend to recover.
    Good Job! Thanks!
  11. LuvList Master Blaster

    wait wont this means the accord frame will be inferior in a way to the non accord ones?
  12. Hamaya Commander

    Another frame question:

    I have Extra XP (presuming approximately similar XP expenditures in the new system)

    What do I do with it? You guys were discussing bonuses for over XPing a while ago and I'd love to share the love with my other frames or something.
  13. Durability exists in the game, but items don't degrade yet. Soon(tm).
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  14. Yes, that's kind of the point of the basic accord frames.
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  15. KaerBear just answered what I was about to ask, so I'll mention it again to anybody that was curious. Firecat and Tigerclaw inherit the default Accord frame's abilities (in PvE), so they'll both be able to use Afterburner. Neat.
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  16. IB4 all the FOTM assaults roll dread.

    Awww you can't kite/escape endlessly now. How sad.

    Exp won't be rolled over. Its just excess. Look at it as hitting max level in WoW or another game. In those games they just hide the "counter" for exp. Firefall shows it. Same thing though.
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  17. RainDreamer Black Cats

    And this is comming out when my computer is dead, and I have 2 papers to write, and finals are comming...
    You guys have fun..
    I...think I will be fine
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  18. Finished reading the whole thing, wow thats huge.
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  19. Gracias Herr Bär.
  20. Xenogenic Senior Designer

    Turret Mode and a suite of other abilities will be added in the near future as things you can unlock and use in the open world. These additional abilities didn't make it into the cut when we were already dealing with 15 frames that have 4 abilities each, a passive, and a unique primary with a secondary fire. I won't get into the specifics of how much work that is, so suffice it to say: it's a lot.

    We intend to allow frames of the Dreadnaught archetype to craft and use abilities like Turret Mode and Absorption Bomb in the open world. Other frames will have similar options available.
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