Patch Notes for v0.7.1710

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by FadedPez, Aug 28, 2013.

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  1. FadedPez Community Manager

    Patch Notes

    • Fixed an issue where players' daily missions would reset under certain conditions.
    • Fixed an issue where players would not have their 50% Arsenal XP boost applied.
    • Fixed an issue where the Copacabana Arcporter was not teleporting players to Copacabana.
    • Implemented a fix to improve performance for older dual core processors.
    • Fixed a bug preventing players from selling items from the vending machine on the marketplace.
    • Fixed a bug causing players to always spawn at the Lagoa Rasa watch tower upon login.
    • Players can no longer thump around the Omnicon events.
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  2. DarkByke Founder

    Keep up the great work :cool:
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  3. Xanice Commander

    the sunset glider pad looking like angel wings bug still isnt fixed

    but thank God for this patch
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  4. OrionStyles Founder

    All lies, I am still spawning at Derp Tower....
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  5. #5
    Maybe because it was your last location.
  6. Xanice Commander

    initial log in you will spawn there. when you log out and in you wont
  7. CruelMaiden Founder

    nope, i still can't sell packaged vending machine stuff
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  8. Krighton War Machine

    it works like a champ on the PTS server
  9. #9
    No rush to fix that, lemme have my angel wings for another few days please :D
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  10. Alfreditojr Pyromaniac

    Ohhh so this is why my game all of a sudden closed... Should give a warning next time :) but other than that, thanks for the new patch.
  11. KarStar Beta Commando

    Not sure why I just got this the second time I logged in today (game crashed :( ) BUT YEAH & Thank you!!! Please keep killing bugs!!!

    Patch applied but now sitting on "Loading Character..." screen... *sigh*
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  12. Whraith Mad Scientist

    Most items from the vending machine are still unsellable. They do not show up under tradable/or say not sellable when you try to list them.
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  13. ShadowFusion War Machine

    Make me wonder what happend to
    Patch Notes for v0.7.1709 and did they fix the headshots and stuff for snipers.
  14. Fooni Commander

    This is the patch in the pts atm too. Hm...
  15. xSlayblaze War Machine

    Thanks for the patch, and not a moment too soon!
  16. Oskar581 I Am The One Who Knocks

    I hope this doesn't cause more issues then it fixes
  17. #18
    Packaged cobra R-54 LGV still not tradable
  18. #19
    Fixed a bug causing players to always spawn at the Lagoa Rasa watch tower upon login <3
  19. Dmorin Commander

    nope not fixed,logged in to guess were yep Lagoa Rasa wtf
    man i hate that fuqed up place
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