PAX Prime 2014 Community Meetup

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  1. FadedPez Community Manager


    Just as an update, I'm still waiting on final paperwork. Right now we're looking at Kells Irish Restaurant at 8 PM on Friday August 29th.

    Here's where the place is located: Post Aly, Seattle, WA 98101&spn=0.022858,0.038403&hl=en

    I will update you if this changes.


    Hey everyone!

    PAX Prime is coming up and we're sending some of the Firefall Community Team on over to check it out. We also want to have a community meetup to hang out with anyone that will be in the Seattle area during that time. If you're interested in meeting up with Mikachu, SkaDude, JBWill and I, post here!

    ***NOTE: You do not need a pass to get into PAX Prime to attend!

    Once we have a good idea of how many to expect we'll post more details on the venue, day and time. To give you an idea of what we're thinking, last year we had the meetup at Taphouse in Seattle on the Friday at 8 PM local time.
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  2. Valawyn [AGS] Founder


    I can't promise my attendance, but I'm going to do everything in my power to be there.
  3. Traith Commander

    Last year was awesome. Not being there this year makes me a sad panda. See you at South!
  4. SnoozinRedPanda Caught in the Crossfire

    OMG YESSS!!! Will be myself and my husband. :D
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  5. Traith Commander

    The two of you must do my drinking for me this time around. Good luck and Godspeed. :)
  6. SnoozinRedPanda Caught in the Crossfire

    There's no snakes in bottles is there ? I remember that picture that was posted from last year you and I think JB had.
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  7. FadedPez Community Manager


    We're going to need a bigger army
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  8. NeoTron Headless

    I'm going to PAX (and live in Seattle). Would be fun, but I'm also bringing my 13yo kids to PAX so might not work if it's in a bar.
  9. Jash Hero of the Accord

    CURSES! If only I had gotten my PAX pass when they suddenly went on sale (and then out in 5 seconds)! Argh!
  10. Bobert McBob Beta Vanguard

    I'll probably be there.
  11. Steel Fire Commander

    Oh, you know I'm all over this.

    All PAX, all the time. :D
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  12. Nozama Founder

    Yeah, I'll be there and looking for a day pass...
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  13. AgentSmith5150 Beta Commando

    Maybe someday....
  14. #14
    I plan to attend. yay!
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  15. #15
    Don't have any plans for Pax but the Taphouse is only a couple blocks away from home so it's not out of my way to come visit y'all.
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  16. #16
    +1 for some PAX shenanigans :)
  17. Traith Commander

    The dead cobra and scorpion liquor was from the Fight the Tuesday party that consisted of CptFancyPants, JBWill, ThaCheez, and myself (I was the only one to actually drink it). It wasn't part of the FF meetup so I guess it's not required of you :) But, feel free to do it for extra credit!
  18. MadMim On The Naughty List

    Heck yeah! :D My husband and I will be there.
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  19. SnoozinRedPanda Caught in the Crossfire

    Ah ok,I do remember seeing that picture and being a lil freaked out by it haha. If I have a choice....Yeah I'll pass on that one :p

    Hooowaiiiii MadMim! =D
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    last year was great! i will probably be back for another meet up.