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    It's bigger than a stock squad thumper, attracts more than it, how is it still a personal Thumper?
  2. Nismu On The Naughty List

    it is still soloable
    edit: aha did read wrong. personal thumper split resouces with squad while on squad thumper everyone in squad gets the amount told. no matter how many people there are in squad.
  3. MrSmiley666 Beta Commando

    it divides the resource among the squad the same way as the other personal.
  4. Kryyss Storm Rider

    Yeah the Personal I can be easily done with S2 gear. Just need to find a spot that is less exposed.
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    Not even S2 gear. Even S1 will do. Well... as an assault anyway. Just bounce around and pound away at all the little munchkins hugging your machine, they'll back off in one way or another. When the big guys come out, kill the smaller of the two, forego shooting the armored death wheel, and just keep that thumper clear of miscellaneous nasties. It can get a bit stressful at points where it does get swarmed, but I regularly walk away with 30-40% of its life left.

    And I'd argue stock squad pulls out more uglies than personal I, but my experiences are limited to OTHERS dropping squad thumpers, so I don't know what rank of thumper they're using to begin with.
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    Not sure if it is just me but,
    I feel Stock squad thumping is harder than personal II thumping.
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    I lost my first Personal Thumper I because I am bad and dumb. Built another and no problems since then! Twas sad, though.

    I'm in like T1-2 gear, and yeah I walk away with 30-40% life left. I can't imagine stock squad being as difficult...