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    GO. (explanations would be nice, btw :3)

    1. Is reality an objective, constant entity or simply what we perceive?

    2. If you could kill Hitler before he ever came into power, would you?

    3. Is the mind part of the brain or separate?

    4. Meaning of life?

    5. Why is there something rather than nothing and between existence and non-existence, which may be better?

    6. Are the colors I see the same as the colors you see? (Is my "red" the same as your "red" and how can you prove it?)

    7. Prove to me that you aren't just figments of my imagination, or that reality isn't simply a dream, or that we're all just in a simulation set up by a superior intelligence.

    8. Why can't I believe it's not butter?
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    1. Reality is a combination of all of those factors or maybe it's nothing at because it is all encompassing?

    2. No. I would not kill a person because that is neither good nor bad however I would not have allowed him to Rise into politics.

    3. Who is to say that the brain is not part of the mind?

    4. There is no meaning. Only cause and effect

    5. do you or I really care?

    6. Probably not unless you got a surgical implant most likely. However that said Color is nothing more then different shades of light so technically though it may be off by one or two tones it should always be the same "Red." and this is on the basis of average sight.

    7. I can only tell you what I have learned in my life and what I understand to be real is That this "is" it is all there will be. And the possibility of a simulation is possible of course but if so prove to me it is.

    8. Because you think it tastes like butter even though it is a completely different substance....or at least that is what it advertises.
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    1)How we perceive a constant entity. what i call red could look like my green to you but we both call it red.

    2)Killing Hitler would be paradoxical. Hitler helped shape the world that exists today (not in a positive way) and reality is constant.

    3)The mind is a separate entity controlled by the mind.



    6)see 1). but no, you cant prove it.
    7) I am though...

    8) Because....
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