probably wrong thread but i lag extremely bad in PVP

Discussion in 'PvP Discussion' started by Hellcat62, May 8, 2016.

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    anyone including DEVS have advice i have tried running in medium video settings i run a GTX 770 GPU should be more than enough to play it and its only the PVP all else is fine
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    further info i run 240 FPS in PVE and .9 FPS in PVP
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    Check for bastions first, if bastions join TDM and start to repair with mines = making lag too.
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    every match i get into cant have spmming bastions lol
  5. BunnyHunny Centurion

    Had same problem yesterday.
    Before it was always ok (high settings), but yesterday i dropped to ≈10 fps when i got some thing in sight in PvP

    What i find really strange is:
    -before the match began (countdown running), i could run to the enemy spawn and we shot each other without my fps dropping
    -after the match began, my fps dropped down to ≈10 (not caused by any specific frames, even with reduced graphics settings)

    Edit: this^ did happen in every match for 2 days straight.
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    I have the same problem since I ever first joined TDM. FPS drops already at the loading screen. I even updated my NVIDIA driver to the last version, tried playing with the lowest settings on, but that didn't help either. The only thing I found was that when you press Alt+F1 in the match you can just see one and the same error showing, so I guess that's maybe why it's lagging...
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    Happened to me yesterday too for no reason since ive never had this prob before.Seems like somethings up with the pvp servers randomly?
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    I'm new and I'm having this problem too. Reddit says that A LOT of people are having this issue while there are also lots of people that aren't. The problem came with the new patch 1.7
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    always try a /rui
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    Folks, for what feels like the millionth time ... its an engine issue, not a hardware issue. I probably have one of the top 10 rigs in this community, and even i dip below 20FPS on LOW when a Bastion has their nest. Its probably a collision issue. Rergardless, its unlikely to be a hardware issue unless you constantly run at low frame rates anyways.

    Like, in Garys Mod, if you weld a bunch of parts together, but dont parent those parts together as well, youll have a bunch of loose parts colliding many times a second.

    Edit: Read your console logs after a PVP match against a Bastion who uses a nest. See what errors, and how often. I see a bunch of particle effect and stack index errors when im out in Sertao and DT. When theres alot of instances of the same things that cause the same errors in rapid succession, then the engine either wont respond in time (causing FPS dips due to not giving the GPU/CPU instructions) or it will respond in time, but the amount of errors, and the errors themselves, will be too much to render 60FPS with on two cores.

    I see alot of times where my GPU doesnt even ramp up one clock level, but im getting going from 15-20 to 60FPS. Literally one end of the spectrum to the other. No in betweens.
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    You do realize im BustedRifle right?

    4790k@5GHZ/780 TI KPE with a 30%~ OC, 500GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD for my games, Asus Maximus Formula 7 motherboard. I mean, maybe i dont anymore, but i did shortly after release. As, you know, the parts i have were the best in the world except for Haswell-E, at the time of FF's official release. Unless 10 people in this community of maybe 2000 upgraded to performance levels beyond margin of error (or 5% when undefined), then it holds true.

    As i said, yes, its an engine issue. The mention of my rig wasnt to brag, it was for comparison. Its generally not a hardware issue that causes this, its the mass amount of errors.
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    thanks for the clarification im now HellcatSRT btw i had to delete this character name wen it locked me at 20 lol aside from point i would like to do the pvp at some point its just impossible in this game and ive played far more graphically intensive games as i think i said im just stumped here
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    Press alt-F1 ingame and look at the red errors flying by
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    will do if i ever can log on is there a reason for it not bein available right now cant find anything about goin offline
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    So I know one has been on here in awhile but did anyone ever figure out the pvp lag issue?
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    Likely the servers starting to crash with no maintenance cycles.