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    What's the difference between fresh player and player who played firefall for 1 year, without battleframes? [skill doesn't count]

    Let's assume that XP means experience.
    So, your BATTLEFRAME is getting XP (experience) for killing, doing missions, events, etc.
    And, for this EXPERIENCE you can buy upgrades for your battleframe.
    Still, battleframe pilot or user (your character) is dumb as he/she was at the beginning, even with 439395986 hours spent in game.

    Let's take Assault for example.
    We have two Assaults in stock gear.
    The first one has only white upgrades, second is fully upgraded
    The difference?
    Second is faster by this 20%, and have something like 100 energy more.
    The only point of upgrading your battleframe is to wear better, crafted components.
    So, we are upgrading our battleframes especially to prepare them to wear better non-stock equipment.

    Can't upgrades give us something unique?
    CPU upgrade could provide enemy tracking
    Power upgrade could give us a passive bonus - first shot after 10 sec not participating in fight makes 10%more dmg

    These are just ideas, you know what I mean
    Make this upgrades worth buying, it shouldn't be a must.

    Waiting for your thoughts!
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    I'm all for getting different things with upgrades. But nothing that makes you outright more powerful of course (like the passive you mentioned), some utility would be nice though (like a slightly better zoom on the R36's scope for example, or a calldown energy boost that made your flares burn brighter and longer, etc).
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    These are just examples, ofc I don't want boosts that gives 2x armor, hp, dmg, regen, aoe etc. *sniff*
    Utilities is that what I meant.
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    The current upgrades won't be that small once the next patch comes. Red mass would actually be a 140% mobility bonus if 100% was the minimum. Power can already be allocated and you will need more power for the T3/4 gear next patch. Red CPU (+30 energy for each * 10 upgrades) actually adds 300 energy, which is a lot considering stock JJs have 350 energy, but it doesn't work in the current patch.

    It might be cool if certain CPU upgrades did things such as briefly highlighting the enemy's weaknesses when tagging the enemy and keep the enemy's body highlighted in SIN for longer periods of time with each upgrade.
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    honestly i kinda see your point here, correct me if im wrong but you want more of a reward for long standing players with more game time right?

    if that is the case, the reason why there isn't as big of a difference is because FF is skill based not upgrade based, it's the games core design prospect that someone with more skill who joined five minutes ago should ideally be a match for someone who has played for a year but has little skills. However like a post above me says they do plan on having later upgrades giving a greater impact on the frame.