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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Deicist, May 10, 2013.

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    (preface, I posted this idea on /r/firefall and the mod there told me I should post it here, so here goes)

    I think most players would be happy (or at least happier) if Red5 dropped the 'items break permanently' bit of the current system. This is compounded by the fact that you have no guaranteed way of replacing high quality items no matter how much you grind thumpers.... the quality of materials you can get has an element of luck to it.

    My proposed fix for this would be to a) remove the repair pool idea (so you can always repair items) b) increase the resource cost of repairing (so repairing items becomes a resource sink) and c) allow any quality material to be used for repairing, but increase the amount required as the quality decreases. So to repair that quality 900 rifle you can use 100 * quality 900 material or 1000 * quality 450 material.

    So players get to keep their nice crafted gear, Red5 get a resource sink in the game (that, as a bonus, sucks in materials of all qualities) and everyone's happy.

    So, how's that for a slice of fried gold?
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    Kinda misses the point of the decay system not being only a resource sink, but an item sink. You craft a QL950 weapon, and without decay, you'd never have to craft another weapon until they implement Tech III. Then you craft a QL950 Tech III weapon with the materials you stockpiled long ago, and use that until they implement Tech IV.

    It's fairly important if R5 intends to make player markets and crafting play an important part, when things break down, there'll be much more activity on markets, and much more demand for crafting.

    With the decay, you need to craft that QL950 weapon again, and again, and when you run out, you need to craft it out of QL800 materials instead. That way the high quality materials become more rare, and you actually have a reason to thump them. Before this patch, once you had a stack of 20-30k of QL900+ purple materials, you didn't really have to bother thumping for that material at all (aside from progression). Now, you have a reason to thump QL800 materials, and look for even more of the QL900+s instead of just living off your stockpile for years, on that stockpile you got in days.
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    Hmm, if the item sink is what they're going for Red5 should really have implemented trading before they implemented durability. As it is now the entire community is up in arms because our equipment degrades / breaks and we have no way to replace it. If they'd implemented trading first I don't think durability would have been anywhere near as big a problem as it seems to be.
  4. Shadowyc Beta Vanguard

    Technically, we still have thumping. A lot of thumping.
    And a few item drops...
    Yeah, trading would've helped to release it too, so we could make sure it works as well. :p
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    Durability + resource sink = I get to keep my item perfectly fine by me I don't have to constantly tinker and micro manage every part of my highly customizable frame.

    Durability + permanent breakage I have to keep crafting my gear again (Face I won't be buying any gear fro anyone) makes me feel like


    Thats what I feel about having been given permanent item breakage that is now my lemon in firefall
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  6. Shadowyc Beta Vanguard

    But I'm willing to sell to you!~
    Or even just give it.
    Depends on how I feel that day.
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    Not a horrible idea as long as there was a cap as too how much you have to sink into the item to
    Repair it.
  8. Demigan Commander

    Sounds good!
    The best part of this system is that low quality resources become more valuable, and mid-quality resources would probably be on par with epics as they would be the perfect resources to repair your items, you don't need a cupcakeload of it to repair your items but you won't be spending any super high quality either.

    You could actually do it two ways:
    1: keep current repair pool.
    You keep the current repair pool, when the weapon is completely broken and without repair pool, you can recraft it using your resources system. Repairing from the repair pool costs crystite.

    2: remove the repair pool
    Remove the repair pool, any structural enhancements would increase the base durability of the weapon. Repairing it would cost resources and any seed crystites used in the first build according to the same math you posted. Otherwise Seed crystites would become even more of a hoarded resource with practically no use.

    Yours sincerely,
  9. treezat Storm Rider

    i fully support this idea, and we are currently working very hard & fervantly within the FFANZ community of armies & firefall players to refine this suggestion & feedback, and deliver a concise constructive thread to red5 in support of a far better & more enjoyable implementation of the durability system, all stemming back to Deicist's suggestion here, which came from our discussion on reddit:

    decists post can be found in that thread, as well as multiple points of suggestion to improve the system & how it affects the enjoyablity & replayability & therefore the long term profit of FireFall.

    there is also a discussion going on FFANZ here:
  10. treezat Storm Rider

    not with the way we have it laid out, checkout the post on FFANZ, it will be further refined within the community, then brought to official red5 forums for further scrutiny by the FF community and red5
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    I love how people who are super butt hurt about durability like to say "most players".

    You don't speak for "most players"; you don't even speak for "some players". You speak only for yourself.

    You can't just imagine that you have a majority on your side and that magically makes your position stronger.
  12. treezat Storm Rider

    clearly you are not active in the forums or game and havent had to read the hundreds to thousands of threads, posts & chats about this same topic, nor have you been active in the community teamspeaks where this is an active discussion from the majority of participating players, or if you had the experience of this as we have had, you clearly wouldn't be making this point...

    further, debating someone philisophically for context sensative information is basically trolling, so if that's all your up too & you don't have anythrig constructive to contribute to the posts/forums, please continue keeping it to yourself back wherever you came from

    if you have constructive concise feedback regarding the topic that this thread is about, i encourage you to share that. if you have more "butt-hurt" troll comments, i suggest you find a place where that kind of behavior is enjoyed & encouraged, because this is not that place
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    Lemme get this straight, I call out the farcical propping up of the argument, and I get called a troll and told to leave. I do have feedback but it appears that "most players" don't want to hear it.

    Edit: And if you really believe it's "hundreds to thousands of threads" then you need to learn how to count.
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