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    - I don't need a WP to my own thumper
    - the thumper status should go back above the thumper
    - the scan report should dissapear when we actually drop one.
    - Current activities overlay should be optional. I personally never use it

    side note: the 2mb file size limit is really annoying! :p decent sized screenshots are +/- 3mb!
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    Open your screenshots in MSPaint and save them as JPG to reduce the filesize. Also you could probably scale them down to 50% and they'd still be readable.

    You can remove your scan hammer result from the Map - click it and find the Abandon option. Dropping the thumper right on the scan result will also remove it.
  3. RadthorDax Commander

    Firstly, I agree about the waypoint. Aero should also stop alerting you about your thumper. Secondly, the status SIN card being below the thumper is a bug, which should be fixed with an /rui. Scan reports do disappear if they are within a few meters of the thumper. That scan report is just a little bit too far away for it to trigger. The whole HUD is changing soon anyway, so your concerns about current activities can be put to rest.
  4. Ranexi Beta Warrior

    Addons, my friend, addons. There are a lot of addons for exactly this purpose. Hiding unecessary UI etc. I know also that the scan report can be removed if you manually do it in the map.