Recon Raptor and Nighthawk

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    I know they both have different ability sets, but do they have any difference concerning suit performance? As in move speed/jet pack speed/rifle dmg, health, etc.

    And does their suit upgrade branch into different specialty? Such as one into defensive (hp regen), and other into offensive (headshot dmg). Thanks!
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    I would like to know this as well. In addition, what are the different abilities they get?
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    You can browse their abilities when u press 'T' and press the tier 2 frame. You'll see what skills they get as you browse through the skill tree they got!
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    Nighthawk gets "Accord SIN Beacon" which from the description acts as both a tracking device that puts enemies on your and your team's radar within a certain range. If you manage to land it on a player, it sounds like it will also saps that player's jet energy until its depleted.

    Raptor gets "Execute Shot" which doesn't have much of a description, but based on its stats seems to be an additional projectile attack that has splash damage on contact (Base Stats - AOE Dmg: 375, Explosion Radius: 3.38m, Cooldown: 23.75 sec)
  5. Danjiano Black Cats

    Execute shot executes people if you kill them with it, rather than downing them.
    If you shoot someone who has been downed, they explode and injure people nearby.
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    So there's no difference in performance? Only in abilities?
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    I think if there were the raptor would be more power ful and night hawk wold be more agile
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    Raptor does not have a SMG unlock and that infuriates me.
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    Shotgun to the face!
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    ooh i like the shotgun, but i like the abilities on the nighthawk more AHHHHHH
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    Raptor sounds more agile and night hawk sounds like a piercing affect .... I don't I'm bored -_-"
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    I think raptor is created for active gameplay, whereas nighthawk for holding .
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    all battleframes can use the secondary weapons right? so if i get a grenade launcher as a biotech, i may equip that to my assault?
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    No you have to have it for that frame type
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    if you ask me, i've been through both.
    Nighthawk has better future craftable items, as to Raptor who's remaining in the basic and gets pretty lousy crafts up it's tech tree.
    i'm doing just fine with the Nighthawk's long-range mine and Resonating shot.
    both do good AOE dmg and i myself do good headshot dmg on bigger monsters.
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  16. zsm

    Aren't the items, bar the skills, identical? I thought the difference between Raptor and Nighthawk was when in each of the tech trees you'd get various things.