Red 5 Studios Secures Series B Funding

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    Firefall Secures Funding for Launch in 2014

    Laguna Hills, California – January 24th, 2014 – Red 5 Studios, a game development studio working on the Free-to-Play online MMO, Firefall, announces that it has entered into share purchase agreements equaling approximately $23 Million in a Series B funding round from Shanghai Oriental Pearl Culture Development Co., Ltd., in conjunction with existing investor The9 Limited (NASDAQ: NCTY).

    “This additional round of funding will offer us the means to execute on our plan for successfully launching Firefall in 2014.” said James Macauley, acting CEO, Red 5 Studios. “This is the year Firefall takes flight. The entire Red 5 tribe is focused on creating top quality content that will take Firefall to the next level and we are excited for this next stage of development.”

    Red 5 Studios has achieved substantial growth over the Beta period in 2013 and is working to expand the game to include highly anticipated features for Firefall. Players will begin to push back the Melding and take the fight directly to the Chosen. A new story-based campaign will be released soon that introduces new characters and starts to reveal the secrets behind the Melding and the events that have befallen Earth. Later this year, players will take combat to a new scale with the introduction of open-world PvP, as whole armies fight for the control of new areas revealed within the depths of the Melding.

    About Firefall: Firefall is a Free-to-Play MMO Shooter set in a unique and beautiful science fiction universe where players are part of the last remnant of humanity. Earth is under attack by an aggressive energy storm called the Melding and a mysterious race, known as the Chosen. Firefall promises a never before seen original genre, blending the best of true shooter gameplay with rich MMO world elements.

    Visit for more information.

    About Red 5 Studios: Red 5 Studios is a AAA online game developer located in California that is dedicated to bringing together millions of gamers from around the world by creating rich, immersive, shared worlds and gaming experiences. Red 5 Studios believes that online games and persistent worlds offer a critical platform for fun and compelling social interactions.

    Visit for more information.
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  2. Drake84pl Marshmallow



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  3. Blackfyre Champion of Mankind

    Well cupcake, its about time that FF gets released.
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  4. insp Co ty wiesz o zabijaniu

    :) good news!
  5. Shadowyc Beta Vanguard

    Here's to hoping you can pull it off.
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  6. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

    Finally its official :) No surprise tho.
    we are getting there.
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  7. ~sweetcheeks~ Apothecary

    23 mil in conjunction with the 9. 23/9 = 2.55 rounded up is 3. Half life 3 confirmed.

    Red5 hasn't been making firefall... secretly they are Valve and have been making half life 3. That's why there have been so many wild changes, FireFall is just a diversion tactic.
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  8. McFini Skullbane


    More yay!!! :)
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  9. Sandsnake On The Naughty List

    Gratz :D

    I must not say this but ERHMAGERD ALIEN ZOMBIEZ MOTHRSHIPZ OF DOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hehehehehehe nice

    Ok, i want my army size battles..... with sergeant style squad controls.

    PS can i plz haz patch after 02/02? cos wanna cratefall all my collected crates. on my birthday.plox. i been saving them up. or should this be taken as set them off at one?
  10. Panthera Founder

    Good to hear, marching forward. Good luck!
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  11. CosmicD Mentor

    despite all the naysaying that has been going around, and troug all the negative critics that the game has received from doomthinkers who think that "one" feature could utterly destroy a game, well here it is.

    Let's hope that they can release it "feature complete" which means, a few endgame stuff, owpvp , and then plus all the things they are going to release soon it will be a hit :)
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  12. #14
    Sweet I take this as news that 2014 will give way to some serious content releases. According to ~sweekcheecks~ math, this content will be HL3.
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  13. NeoXonE Founder

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  14. Andur Field Marshal

    Crowbar melee perk incoming.

    Nice that OWPvP is a major selling point for Firefall's release.
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    Grats on getting teh $$$monies!

    Wishing for a successful 2014 for Firefall, and all!
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    huh, that somewhat explains new game direction
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  17. Ronyn War Machine

    Congrats guys.

    Something about player driven economy needs to be a part of every "about" paragraph for firefall.
    I can't stress that enough.
    It's one of the primary features that interacts with every other aspect of the game.
    There are fans of that kind of thing who dont know they can find it here.
    There are haters of that kind of thing that will walk into it and only end up complaining on the boards.

    This is a bit of overselling..."never before seen original genre" invites some hefty scrutiny and is hard to qualify.
    Instead try "Firefall promises to break genre lines, blending the best of true shooter gameplay with rich MMO world elements.
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    "Later this year, players will take combat to a new scale with the introduction of open-world PvP, as whole armies fight for the control of new areas revealed within the depths of the Melding."

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