Red Bean Purchase Rewards and their Future in Firefall [Closed, Necro]

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    Hello everyone! I’m Cloudchaser, a Game Systems Designer here at Red 5 Studios. (Nice to meet you!)

    I’ve been taking a long, hard look at a lot of our systems that interface with Red Beans and you, our players.
    It’s my eventual goal to make changes that will make engaging with Firefall a more satisfying experience.

    Some of the things I’m looking at to overhaul and improve in a future patch include Daily Login rewards, the rewards, flow, and experience of using Vending Machines, the design, interface and functionality of the crystite Marketplace, and the benefits of our VIP Membership Program.

    After reading your feedback on recent months’ Red Bean Rewards, I’d like to take a moment with you all to outline our own thoughts on this system.

    As a system to reward purchases of Red Beans, our goals for Red Bean Rewards are:
    · To provide you with prestigious convenience and cosmetic rewards, without granting statistical benefits over other players.
    · To make every purchase itself a satisfying experience, regardless of what you intend to use the Red Beans on.
    · To provide reasons for you to make repeated purchases. (I’ll be honest. We actually do want you to have fun and buy stuff.)

    Red Bean Rewards aren’t doing this right now.
    Crucially, they’re failing in a few key ways:
    · The rewards aren’t universally appealing; putting out new glider or LGV skins gets stale fast.
    · The rewards encourage players to buy Red Beans at the start of each month, when new rewards are announced. This creates an unnatural distribution of purchases.
    · You can’t earn the rewards multiple times in the same month, which discourages multiple Red Bean purchases in the same month.

    I’m sorry it took so long, but we’ve come to realize that the current implementation of Red Bean Rewards isn’t right for Firefall.
    With that in mind, we will not be implementing new monthly Red Bean Rewards until further notice. The current April Red Bean Rewards will continue to be available as scheduled through the end of April 30th.

    The Future Red Bean Rewards
    Now that the bad news is out of the way, here’s the good:

    A future update to the game will implement a new Red Bean Rewards system.
    · The new Red Bean Reward system will reward every purchase of sufficient value by giving you Red Bean Reward Tokens.
    · These are a special type of vending machine token that can be redeemed for a random pick from a big pool of special prizes.
    · To start with, this pool of prizes will include everything we've given for previous month’s Red Bean Rewards as packaged items, plus some new things that we’ll change up from time to time.
    · The tokens will always work the same, regardless of when you bought your Red Beans.

    Here’s one key difference: Everything from the new Red Bean Reward Token will come as an inventory item that can be sold on the Marketplace, if you don’t want to use it to unlock that item for yourself, or if you already own that unlock. This means that even if you choose to play Firefall with us for free, you may be able to earn these special customization options and conveniences for yourself by purchasing them from another player for Crystite!

    While the internal work for this new system is well underway, we’re unable to yet give a date for when it will go live.
    I personally apologize for the lack of that crucial information; we’re working on a lot of cool stuff for everyone, and don’t want to string things out piecemeal.

    Thank you everyone for your participation in this adventure that is Firefall, and for the continued feedback you've been giving us.
    More information will follow when the time is right.

    Harmoniously yours,
    Game Systems Designer, Red 5 Studios
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  2. XENONOX Purple Haze

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  3. Wyntyr Founder

    I hope the new system works better for :red5: and players alike! Thank you for the heads up!
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    Thanks for the info, awesome move. I like this approach because I do not really want to keep some of the red bean rewards. Therefore, it is great that we will be able to trade them.
  5. Fooni Commander

    Ohh! i look forward to the new Red beans rewards! But please add more content
    that are relevant to FireFall and not related to real life stuff items like baseball cap.(i'll let that slide)

    Perhaps maybe, Chosen triangular armor patterns? Chosen eye gears?
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  6. stinkycheeseman Unbroken

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  7. SGTstone Arbiter

    #7 make a good point
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  8. terricon4 Fan Site MVP

    While I think it's overall a good move, I think it might be a good idea to have (at least some) red bean rewards that can be directly purchased for the tokens. If someone buys things on a regular basis they will have most of the items out. The problem is after awhile once a person has gained a decent amount of the items already, they start just getting mostly extras, and that means the satisfaction of the reward will go noticeably down on players who put in more money over time. In order to counter this, having a place where they can exchange various numbers of tokens for the various items would help. It should be a bit more expensive than the gambling route, but this way if someone new comes out you can still work towards it, rather than get frustrated with a bunch of bad rolls.

    Just my two cents on something that mike make a worthwhile addition to what I've understood as the current plan.
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    two, in fact :D
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  10. DerStuhl On The Naughty List

    Sounds awesome and im eagerly waiting to see how it turns out .
  11. Jotaro Mentor

    Will the rewards from the Red Bean Token all have around the same desirability? Otherwise I'll imagine a lot of people will feel cheated or at least dissapointed when receiving less popular packaged items, instead of one that sells for 200k+.
    "Gambling" does indeed give incentive to purchase multiple times, but I don't understand how this would guarantee a "satisfying experience"...
  12. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

    Sounds good.
  13. Direwolf Apex Predator

    I like the direction, thanks for the post CC.
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    Thank you for the feedback!

    This is also something that has crossed our minds, and is a definite possibility.
    We may be able to implement a vendor who, as an optional alternative to gambling your tokens, may let you make a direct purchase with varying amounts of them.
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  15. stinkycheeseman Unbroken


    @CloudChaser - just for clarity's sake, are we talking about another in-game currency, or are these tokens strictly an Account Level item?
  16. Rilos Pyromaniac

    ^ this, my 1st thought was "another currency, really?"
    why not just give us either silver or gold tokens already in game depending on the size of pruchase we make? (eg: $20 = no token, $50 = silver, $100 = gold)
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    I can say with confidence that we will be reducing the number of currencies in the game.

    More information on that will follow when the time is right.

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    to keep things interesting you may want to have the vendor only have 1 cosmetic, glider, lgv, warpaint at a time and periodically change them rather than him having everything.
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  19. Rofy Beta Commando


    ^^ This, and you system is complete!

    Have the token you can gamble for the full pool at any time. Have the vendor that charges several tokens to buy specific items, but the vendor selection changes like the monthly rewards do now.

    When introducing new things, make them gambling only for a bit (maybe 2 months?), then make them avaliable in the vendor rotation.
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  20. Brezals Beta Commando

    Could you explain to me what satisfying experience are for you? Becuase a satisfying experience differs from person to person, when it comes to stuff like this, do you know all the experiences players want from buying currencies like this for real cash? And what would then be the plan to fulfill those experiences?
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