Red Bean Reset or not ?

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Red Bean Reset before launch ?

Yes 78 vote(s) 40.2%
No 122 vote(s) 62.9%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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    Hello everyone!

    This is just a poll to see how many people will like a reset on the Red Bean's.
    Alot of people like me made the same mistake (spend all Red Bean's to test out stuff) obv it's beta so testing is required
    but not in cost of the player's.

    They won't reset the Red Beans i dont know why! (it's beta)
    As far i can see it's a sort of rip off to me, i whas a proud 100$ member because i rlly like FireFall.
    But i do NOT like how they used our Red Bean's for testing purpose.
    So here i am asking you guys to vote wether we get our Red Bean's reseted before Actual launch (seems fair)
    If we get enough vote's i hope the Developers will see the same problem and give us a NICE start.
    Afther all most of us spend Red Bean's to test the game out anyway (it should get a reset by default)

    So vote how you want, it's your choice, no one will force you to it.
    Much love and greetings: Naomi
  2. Crossflippe Founder

    I'd like one.
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    I wanna see how much they listen to the community, because so far they always said we listen to our players.
    Im not here to talk bad about FireFall, i just can't i love the game and it's great fun with my friends and my clan members.
    But im a 100$ commander and i did my part to support the game, now i hope they do there part and support the community on a reset.
  4. Char Aznable Centurion

    No, because there's no reason to do it.
    But if they just turn down the pirce, you'll get refunds.
    but if they turn up the price, you don't have to pay extra.
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  5. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

    we have never been forced to spend our beans.
    there will be no refund.
    i voted No.
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    Make's no sence cos i spend all my 960 red beans for crafting testing purpose and item store purpose.
    Even tho i had 2 battle stations from Red Beans i did not get a refund.
  7. FrozenHole Mobile Fortress

    If they dont wipe my characters then no if they do wipe my fricking progress then yes since i have bought another 100 worth of beans since then...
  8. Char Aznable Centurion

    you might wanna contact the Reddies for support about not getting any refunds from the garage slots.
    and....why you can't just wait ? RBs purpose is to testing the price, but...welll...960, that's alot.
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  9. RogueEntity Commander

    I honestly do not believe red beans should be reset. We will still keep what we've bought, if for some reason what we bought is removed from the game, then red beans should be refunded. But I do not agree with that we've bought stuff during the beta and then want our money back.

    Maybe I should do that as well :p Only got back half of what I paid in red beans for garage slots. But I'm lazy t_t
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  10. EinsamWulf Lieutenant

    I too voted no. If you spent your beans on the instant crafting finish then that wasn't really a test, that was you spending money for the sake of convenience and thus not worth a refund.

    They've stated numerous times that there won't be wipes anymore so you need not worry.
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  11. sneakysnail Hero of the Accord


    The amount of work they would have to do just isn't worth it. when they reset redbeans they then have to reset items/paints that you bought with them as well. what about people who bought the halloween/ christmas items etc? why should they have those wiped? What about the redbeans you spend on speeding up printing times? why should any1 get those back? they offered a service and we willing paid for it.

    I'm pretty sure they did gift people red beans earlier in beta to first test the system out so there's no need for them to do that again either. what you are asking them to do is spend their valuable time removing items and costing them self money in the process rather than developing the actual game, and why because you made stupid assumptions and wasted your beans.
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    Absolutely not.

    If you spent yours before the game even made open beta, well maybe you should have had a bit more consideration for what lies ahead.
    As far as I can see there is absolutely no reason for :red5: to refund Red Beans.
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    If it's optional, then why not, more options always better.
    Also, right now, there is no way to check how good or bad certain battleframe is, before you're buying it with beans.
  14. Crossflippe Founder

    Option? That sounds better. I'd want to reset my account anyway.
  15. Rardo Founder

    considering i spent red beans to craft things faster, things that are no longer in the game because they have been removed i feel that at least those should be refunded but not ones for items that we will be keeping like those that were spent on pets and the glider pad.
    At least a bonus amount of beta crystite would be sufficient. like 10k per red bean that has been lost in crafting :D
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  16. Char Aznable Centurion

    *contact Reddies's support*
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    Make my hard earned money I put into the game null and void?

    This is a joke, right?
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  18. Carnage2K4 Commander


    Your choice to use the RB's was YOUR CHOICE, no1 forces you to "test them"... you knew the rules, you knew the game, the point of testing the shop was to see what ppl spent their RB's on, NOT to just spend them all, to what? see if they worked? make sure the RB price listed was what was removed?

    I mean really, no offence but this thread is a joke, The game is already free 2 play, they need to make money somehow.
    I think you are just regretting poor decisions and want to change them... too late IMO.
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  19. BladeHenge Commander

    Why would they reset something people spent actual money on?
    They do refund red beans if they change the price on something you spent them on but a full on reset wold just be pointless unless you spent your beans on everything at once.
    General rule of actual, real world currency in games: Don't spend them all at once. Use them sparingly in case you want something down the road.
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  20. Kalamalja Founder

    The ones who spilled their Beans on the pre-patch crafting system; I feel like you should take initiative and contact Red5 about it. The fact that we didn't know about the wipe at the beginning of the beta, makes it just fair to get those couple of beans returned.

    Complete reset on the other hand, isn't necessary.