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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DeadSquallit, Jul 18, 2013.

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    There is a proposal to enter the second auction, where everyone will be able to buy from other players weapon items resources for red beans. Players can earn red beans at auction, selling all. And R5 rise sale red beans. It will be good for all.
  2. RyuZero Lieutenant

    That in a way is consider selling power.
  3. Synthesize Titan Slayer

    ..What would you buy for red beans besides whats already bought with red beans?
    I mean, chosen tier IV (epic) is great and all, but I wouldn't give even 1 red bean for it..
  4. TheJayde Commander


    Would you be okay with it if it was a crystite auction house?

    Also... Wewt! Post 4,000!
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    Ya just charge real money for gear worked great in diablo .......
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    Calm down! :eek:

    But yes, not cool idea because we would have chinafarmers selling redbeans at the fraction of the price then
  7. Perks Holmgang Champion

    It did until people had all the gear they wanted/needed and the demand crashed.
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    It's called "PaytoWin". Very, very bad idea.
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    From other players, not pay to win.
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    As stated above it will have 2 consequences:

    1. pay to win
    2. gold sellers

    imo very bad idea
  11. Char Aznable Centurion

    Rbs are for cosmetics and boost. That's it.
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    This is pay-to-win all the way through and I would stop (or severely limit) my playing time if this happened. It would definitely remove the chance that I would ever support the game with money for sure.