Red5 people getting fired?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fusnax, Sep 16, 2013.

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  1. Wickedocity Unbroken

    It already takes 7 days or more to hear back from support. :shrug: Maybe a monolithic company like SOE will buy them out. That was my fear when I first started FF, now it is my hope.
  2. Minstrel Rookie

    Well can't say this is a surprise.
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  3. Vusion Field Marshal

    I feel for employees that were laid off. My spouse was laid off several years ago so I know how much stress it creates on your family.
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  4. kuroha Beta Warrior

  5. Dakirn Oilspill's Muscle

  6. Phobos Producer

    There was a reorganization of staff (yes, I hate that term too) that ended with some reduction in staffing. The majority of those leaving came from our Stage 5 TV crew with a few from the production team. In total, it was a small amount, but no amount of layoffs is ever a desired outcome. This will not affect the continued production of Firefall and we are still hard at work on the next major patch which will hopefully hit PTS this week.

    We are still hiring for other positions, including gameplay, server, and web programmers; and a whole team of QA to help make Firefall the best game it can be.

    This is never an easy time for a company or those affected by these circumstances. Thank you for understanding our reluctance to go into more details regarding this decision.

    From the official press release...

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  7. Groovrider Unbroken

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  8. crazyjeremy Founder

    Sorry for the layoffs, but isn't this what people want to happen? Focus on making the game?
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    Thank you Phobos.
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    thanks for the heads up. it's sad to see such a critical part of your PR team go, but i guess we can rest easy knowing that the development team is still in full force.
  11. treezat Storm Rider

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    Thanks, Phobos. Glad to know the layoff is for cost reduction.
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  13. Dakirn Oilspill's Muscle

    My heart goes out to those who lost jobs today :( I really loved Stage 5 TV.. i hope they can continue doing things.
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  14. Fuai Herald of Decay

    Is the live action trailer dead?
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    No so bad. As long as the development of FIREFALL is unaffected. Really feel sorry for those who lost jobs. Good luck!
  16. HellRik Field Marshal

    Its also propable that one or more left on their own will for different reasons like families, other jobs or ( because in RL things happens ) not beleiving in the future of their jobs and personal interest.

    But nevertheless, some will leave big marks in the future path of the game. FOr the good ...or the bad :)
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    One reason could be red5 need to concentrate on development of PVE, so has to get rid of some unrelated staff. Then, hire more PVE and QA people.
  18. RainDreamer Black Cats


    Thanks for the official response.
  19. Fooni Commander

    Its fine! Everything will be alright in the end. =]
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    If you have something to say, then spit it out instead of treating me like a child.
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