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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by EastCoastDiamonds, May 8, 2011.

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    I've heard multiple things, and I'm not sure about when the game will be coming out. I've also tried to find a Beta release date. but i haven't found much there either. Please tell me a few suggestions so i can get an estimate of the dates.
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  2. Siantlark Unbroken

    Thread right above you. We don't know. They'll tell us when they are ready.
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    There has been no mention of closed beta but it is probably within a month or two. Release date is Quarter 4 of 2011, but no specific day has been given.
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    Just want to clarify. That is the release of the full game, not the beta.
  5. sorophx Fan Site MVP

    I find it funny, that on the first page of the General there are four threads with this same question, one has the same title as this one, too :D doesn't it say on the main page that the release is planned for the end of the year?
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    Thats for game, not the beta.
  7. Juno Commander

    As mentioned in previous posts in here, we just don't know. And as well, Red 5 doesn't even know. Phobos has said he will tell us the moment he knows an exact date--but if they're still ironing out details in the game that need to be done before beta can happen, they might not be able to put a good estimate on a release date. They have said repeatedly that they hope to make something happen in early summer.
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    That was the most amount of green I've seen in the first 5 posts, lol.
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    i have wondered the exact same thing, i saw it on x-play and i wondered, what the hell? how does x-play get a view of the game if its not even out?!?!?!?
  10. Herobrine Beta Vanguard

    The release date is actually going to be on 5/24/11. Trust me, I'm legit.
  11. Derkas Master Blaster

    From my understanding is that the game, all games, are mostly in two parts. The engine and the content. The devs can partition the game out and send that out as demos. Also, there's multiple builds. Always a main build that gets added to once a component is completed.

    I guess some of us might find out when closed beta starts how much of the game we see. Might be a slight chunk like Dredge or it might be the whole game.
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    When will it come out? Its almost the end of the year!
  13. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

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    Beta - August.
    Release Date - December.
  15. Siantlark Unbroken

    Pft. Mom you were so off.
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    is it the open beta who gets in the end of august?
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    Open beta starts after Pax Prime/Gamescon(End of August), they will be sending out random invites but also using a new open beta platform to where they will give people who are accepted into open beta free beta invites to hand out to there friends. There is a nice post about it on the frontpage and under announcements on the forums :)
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    Hopefully September, realistically October.
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    isnt that called closed beta?
  20. Siantlark Unbroken

    Well they're just calling it beta because of the fact that it's not going through stages they'll just give out invites and people who get invited will get invites to invite their friends and so on and so forth until the final wipe before release.
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