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    So I spent the better part of 3 hours last night trying to track down purple ferrite. Now thumping isn't bad, gets a little dull after a while but still more investment then running up to a node and hitting a button. But scanning? Scanning IS like running up to a node, but one you have to keep hitting the button over and over and over for. It got old...very quickly.

    Now since areas change, and I actually found resources I didn't need but were still of decent quality I was getting frustrated. I kept thinking of putting out a message, "hey if anyone wants X here it is" or, "if anyone finds purple ferrite let me know". I remember hearing of an add on that tracks resources for YOU, but what about other players?

    Wouldn't it be a good resource for players that a resource map is produced by every scan players do? I don't know how often crystite locations change, but basically the more people are scanning the more accurate the map becomes. Thus if I find a pocket of crystite I don't need, until the reset someone else could see it on the map. Same for me if i'm looking for a resource.
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  2. RainDreamer Black Cats

    I remember they were talking about it a few months ago. Wonders what happened to that idea.
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    i guess some ppl finding a good area might like to keep it to themselfs as it also seems u can mine out a area as well
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    Well, you can only thump so close together, and someone might find a resource they have no desire for purple or not. A friend told me that he had 80k of purple ferrite and really had no desire for more. Then there is me with only a 100 and trying desperately to find more. If he found a deposit he would probably move on but the map could show people like me where it was, then it is first come first serve just like it is now. But now it also is, "first come first serve first lucky sob".
  5. Raxaphan Beta Vanguard

    that map can remember where we found resources but not to share it with others.
    so if minerals have their own spawn zones on map then we can go to that place and take the resource we need.
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    This seems good on one hand, but on the other hand can be bad.

    Oh, right... Let me explain.

    As Roziel stated, this would be great in a community sense. You pull up the map, set the option for resources overlay and see what has been scanned where, set a wp/swp and off you go! I've had enough encounters with resources I didn't want at the time and thought someone might want them, but every time I mentioned it nobody answered (most likely busy already doing something). This can be great to passively help out other players without getting in the way of your plans.

    However (love that word), this can be a bad thing, as Slum stated. Yes, some people don't WANT to let others know where the found resources are because they want the resources to themselves, just not at that moment. Well, that's all good, I can understand that. Some players might resource hunt while waiting for a ground humper to be synthesized, go to pick it up, then come back and see their spot being humped dry by some random squad that might just be full - that would suck the nuts of sucking.

    Now; since the resources reset, I think that would downplay the problems of people trying to keep the colourful pretties to themselves even though it would still be aggravating, having to spend time to look for more resources again. Of course, that could also be mostly eliminated because of the fact there would now be the resource overlay on the map at the click of a button! I think this might only be REALLY problematic when someone loses a spot and checks the overlay right after a resource reset, only to see the map empty because nobody has mined yet.

    Now, this is all under the assumption there's a resource reset, and that said reset is map-wide. If not, and it's just area resets, that's not that much of a problem with losing a ground humping location! If this were a feature/option/whatever, I know I would randomly SMASH the ground here and there, just to see what's around, and to update the map. Hell, this would even happen while fighting for the times, however rare, that I use the hammer to SMASH the enemies. ...SMASH!

    I've lost my original train of thought but from what I picture in my mind at this time, optimally, is an overlay you can activate over the world map which reveals where resources have been discovered by any and all players via SMASHing within areas that reset rather than the whole map.

    I just hope I've typed well enough to express the thoughts going 'REEEEEOOOOOOWWWRRRR!' through my head like some awesome choo-choo or some HotWheels-styled cars. (The classic kind! Like MicroMachines!)
  7. Raxaphan Beta Vanguard

    I want to make the effort to discover those minerals for the overlay map and I want that map to be personal.
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    Would just like to first state that Ferrite is no longer purple, so you won't be able to find it (well almost 100% unlikely now seeing as it has cycled about 2~3 times since it was purple), ferrite is currently CY-185, which is white. Until it cycles back to purple, every type of ferrite found (from mobs, thumping or blowing up rocks) is all CY-185.

    As for Surveyor (the resource mapping addon), it actually tracks every scan hammer hit from both you and your squad mates.
    Seeing as thumping for resources is quite competitive (especially from squad-to-squad), a way of seeing where all the resources are on the map based on other people's scan hammer results would destroy any way for squads to save resource locations for thumping later. This would make thumping even more hectic and make it less likely for you to find the resource you want - seeing as everyone else who wants it will also know where to thump.

    However, I would like something that tells us the current resource CY-values. This would help players, new and old, so they don't spend hours looking for resources that are no longer there.
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    Wait, backup, what do you mean "cycle"?
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    Every few weeks or so the quality of the resources can change. So it could just be one resource that changes, or a few.

    So for example when ferrite was purple, ALL ferrite was purple. So even the ferrite dropped by enemies.
    Then ferrite cycled/changed to another quality (I think it was green afterwards). When this happened, the only purple ferrite left was anything in the ground that people hadn't found and extracted with a thumper. But obviously that didn't last long... then all ferrite was green. Until it cycled to a new quality ^-^
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    Here's my 2p.

    I think this should be something unlocked for Army-tech trees.

    A comprehensive data survey of the land would be shared by SIN towers; but for an individual probably only in their SIN's locality.

    I think Armies would be better suited to wider-spread technology like this.

    Perhaps having to construct larger scanners?
  12. Groovrider Unbroken

    I see vast armies camping out purple ferrite fields. Locking them day and night until the veins run dry. The economy will be in taters and all players will join the two biggest armies per instance and those armies will challenge each other to pvp which will leave PvEers out in the cold. I see the armies loving it as while the name Firefail is created just long enough for :red5: to be sold to Perfect World Entertainment 18 months after the official launch.


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    The thing is though; You'll need to be a part of an army to progress past a certain PvE point anyway really; Unless you tag along as some form of mercenary.

    At least; That's the picture that's been painted so far.

    I may - and probably will be proven - wrong.
  14. Groovrider Unbroken

    If there was a game that said I would have to join a guild to progress in PvE I would not play that game. I see there being content for armies but nothing like "join an army or quit" option. :red5: aren't that stupid.
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    they should make scanners highlight the point with the highter perchentage of mineral becouse is extremely boring to have to smash the earth continuosly to find that point, i would like to know about this shift as well, for what i know now ferrite is white azurite and quarzite are green bismuth and brimstone are blue but someone knows the values of the other minerals as well?
    i would really like to have a shared map whith other players as i almost never thump nodesdry and after all what do you need to do whith more than 10k of a purple mineral given the fact that you cannot equip everything crafted from purple? i think also they should make thumper difficulty scale with the cy of the mineral thumped so players that don't need high level minerals are not goind to thump them if they need only minerals to refine for crystite and getting crystite would be more easy
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    Also note that each instance has different hybrids, so doing a scan and finding ferrite next to sunken harbour is only useful info to people in your instance at that time. In the next instance over you may find quartzite in the same spot or find nothing at all (trace).

    If you did have a central repository of scan info and then someone that doesn't use it (manually or via add-on) came along and thumped out a vein, how would the database update? You could never trust the info in the repository to be accurate for more than a few minutes.

    As R.E.G.I.S said, there's only one of each hybrid in the world at any given moment and all ferrite you find will be that particular ferrite unless you are lucky enough to find a vein of the previous shift that was not thumped out. Each shift adds more hybrids to the map and pushes the previous hybrids "down" so you can get to them by thumping through the newer vein on top.

    The current shift as of about 12 hours ago is:

    Shifts happen to one hybrid at a time and the CY changes randomly. Qz moved from 407 to 492 yesterday. Co shifted from 565 blue to 26 grey the day before.
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    The height of the waves is a general indicator to the percentage of the concentration. Generally if it's higher than your head it's over 60% approximately.

    Just keep a spreadsheet of what you find, I have been doing this and posted the most recent shift in the post above.

    You thump nodes dry because there may well be something else underneath that's more desirable. You can also turn all that junk into crystite which you will likely need a lot of for tier 3. You also want to get a fair amount of each type so you have more options for blending like-hybrids and then cross-blending when the option returns.
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    Liking the table Kristakis ^-^ Is that kept updated/on the forums?

    As for Army resource scanning tech, me and Fluffy came up with a few ideas. One of which was a scanner (in the form of a consumable item I would assume) you could build, that would detect all the resources in a specific SIN location, but NOT where the resources actually are (coordinate-wise).

    So for example, using it on Copacobana might tell you there is a high percentage of coralite and ferrite, some silicate and traces of regolith. That would mean there are large number of different spots to thump for coralite and ferrite, one or two spots to find some silicate and maybe a single spot containing regolith. This would help narrow down searches (to SIN locations with a high chance of finding your desired resource) and reduce time required to find what you want - especially useful for armies I would assume ^-^
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    yes i know that but for thumping you need to select accurately the spot and it's way too hard and i think is important becouse the difference between 65% and 71% ad exemple when making full runs is big
    i was speaking of fairness when i referred to variable difficulties for cy grades becouse it seems to me just unfair thumping minerals i don't need and i don't think it should be encouraged as there are limited amounts of resources for shift
  20. RainDreamer Black Cats

    There is an old idea by someone on the forum that I can't remember the name (thus can't find post) about having players collects scan info in an area, then save it to map form. The player then can trade those resource maps to other players when the trading system is out. The player can either give it away for free, or trade it for a price. It is a nice way to handle it.