Resource Migration Event: Dawn of the Invasion

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  1. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

    Citizens of the Accord: Today, the Accord is putting into motion a plan to strike at a Chosen stronghold located in Devil’s Tusk. For this plan to become a reality, we need your help: the Accord’s resources are spread thin just maintaining the defense of our current territory. We are calling on you, the last remnants of humanity, to help us gather the resources we need to make the first step towards reclaiming our planet.

    Click here for more information
    FR | DE
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  2. FrostedBranFlakes Lead Community Manager Emeritus

    Please note the following change that has been made on the Beta server:

  3. Devakia Calamity

    Very interesting. . .I Like it!
  4. Owlkin Commander

    Interesting! Honestly, this is the sort of thing I really get into. Instead of just waiting for the big update to come along, I have something I can do to help move into the new system. Warframe does this exceptionally well, introducing new mechanics and areas with events, giving rewards for people who take time to take part. I know what I'll be doing this weekend.
  5. OrionStyles Founder

    Who is in charge of the Accord, FDR?

    Oh wait... you already stole all my gold... and diamonds.

  6. Spammier Defender of Humanity

    I'm down for this guess this weekend im going to have stuff to do, sadly i don't have much resources.
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    I'm on some prescription meds right now, so I want to make sure I understand. All minerals and resources (including crystite?) will go away after the event. So we should plan on using them all in the event, yes?

    Will any rewards be useful for any particular frame (weapons or equipment)? Or will they be purely cosmetic? I'd like to plan this out a few days in advance. I don't want to spend all these points and then realize that I should have been somewhere else to get that one thing I really wanted.

    I've got a fair bit of resources saved up, but nowhere near what some players have, so there's no way I'll be able to get a top tier bonus for this.

    I do think that this is cool. Now I really want to see a post on the reward system. Since this new version, I haven't even started my own thumper and the resources I've been getting from nados and LGV racing is way more than enough to keep me going. Will that still be the case or do I have to try and solo thumpers now?

  8. Direwolf Apex Predator

    Finally a way for all of those folks complaining about having too much CY and showing off pages and pages of purple resources to unburden themselves!

    I will gladly donate my pitiful stockpile for the glory of the Accord. All I ask is to be at the front of the transport to Devil's Tusk :).
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  9. Lingie Mentor

    Good move guys. I can appreciate it, and I knew it was needed. Look forward to it.

    Also, to help Red 5 on this one, no, Crystite will not be taken away after the event.

  10. Nalessa Black Cats

    What will happen to broken bandit gear and such?
    Should I just salvage all of those right now if I want to gain research points from them?

    Also this resource event, does this basically mean ALL old resources will be useless on launch and to kind of "wipe" the resources, you can spend all of them on those speshul rewards?
  11. EntropyRising Mentor


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  12. file Holmgang Champion

    Does MELDED crystite count towards resources?
  13. Kangarad Mentor

    What about Melded Crystite?
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    The ability to convert resources into crystite has been temporally disabled due to the upcoming resource migration event. worried that the rewards won't be of any value to me and plan b has been removed! crossing fingers.
  15. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

    Sorry for the confusing wording guys, I edited it so it clarifies that Crystite won't be removed :)

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    OK, what about beta crystite too? Still have 8k of that laying around.

    Thanks Entropy. I wasn't sure how to take that. They said they weren't taking it away from us, but not that it still has value or anything. Just paranoid I guess.
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    I am assuming any equipment we have will be wiped or "made un-equipable" but would like confirmation one way or another.
  18. DarkMarshall Lieutenant

    So who going to start the thread and complain about these beta crystite rewards? er beta resource rewards? But but but the exploit thumpers!!!!

    Probably salvage that. Before or after.. maybe...
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    Melded crystite, is that being got rid of as well?
  20. Gevaudan Commander

    How about daily crates and resources crate for daily login?

    Do I need to open them and use the resource on this war effort thing because they will be removed from my inventory after the event?

    Or I can keep them and open them on a later date and they will contain the new resources?

    Thx for the answers.
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