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    Time to unlock a new frame and I am torn between Arsenal and Rhino.

    Maybe someone with both these frames unlocked to 8+ can shed some light on this matter.

    Im mostly interested in how much DPS these frames can deal. I don't really care about health cap, im sure both these frames are immortal with Resilient Plating IV.

    I think skill deserves a mention too. Like scoring more headshots with the Arsenal's accuracy.
  2. VitalStatistix Titan Slayer

    Have got both at 8/8/smthg. While they're both fun to play as 'skirmisher' Dreads (moving in and out of close range), I'd say that the Arsenal feels more distinctive and versatile. The LMG and Particle Cannon seem to allow more precision at mid to long range than the HLMG. On the other hand, Rhino can really melt faces at close range with its alt fire - Arsenal does have the combat shotgun, but that's got a cooldown.

    That said, haven't played either in a while due to being hooked on the Firecat!
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    I have all 4 dreadnought frames at 30/30, I am going to make this simple.
    IF you want single target kill power and faster movement go Rhino
    If you want Area affect damage and don't mind being a little slower go Arsenal.
    Hope this helps if you have a specific question ask in a reply so i see it.
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  4. Enlightener Cupcake

    Arsenal's faster than Rhino.
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    That is strange at same weight my rhino moves way faster then any of the other dreadnoughts for me. The only one that seems to move slower then the arsenal is the mammoth.

    I say this on the fact that my mammoth and arsenal at the same weight have a hard time keeping up with the groups I run with while the rhino at same weight has to stop and wait for people to catch up.
  6. McSire Commander

    (shrugs) I think it depends on your play style and how you build your frame/abilities as either could be "slow or aoe" focused.

    On an on topic note, the Arsenal will have more health hands down. At least for me I've found that the Arsenal is good via most ranges but that really depends on what your doing also. I find that the rhino tends to be a close range squishy fighter compared to the other dreads.
  7. Enlightener Cupcake

    Your Rhino must have better Servos than your Arsenal.
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    Nope the exact same I have a balance i like to run on servos and jumpjets and have huge stockpiles of the materials I use for them all combined to be the levels I make them at.
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    Arsenal + BWA skull helm = IMPERIAL ULTRAMARINE! nuff said.

    Stay vigilant, my brother, for the Emperor!
  10. Enlightener Cupcake

    Odd. Arsenal's speed couldn't have been changed... I swear he was to be the fastest Dreadnaught too. :confused:
  11. Craseder Dreadnaught Specialist

    He starts at a faster speed multiplier I believe, which means he doesn't have as much room for improvement. It's always felt very slow to me.
  12. Enlightener Cupcake

    Ah, thanks for that. I was wondering where I was wrong.
  13. NoahDVS Marshmallow

    Arsenal all the way.
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    This would actually make since. I am only ratting them of maxed as it is so short of a time to max the frames out I do not rate anything on them tell they are maxed with proper gear equipped. So if he was faster at lower tiers I would have barely noticed that as I burn through it so fast. But at max tier my arsenal feels like a slug while the rhino is like a rocket speedy quick.
  15. emorphien Gun Collector

    Rhino was fun, I was working on upgrading it (at 10/9/7 i think) when the Arsenal patch hit. They further neglected Rhino and buffed the Mammoth, and I stopped bothering with Rhino for the time being. I picked up an Arsenal and really like it. The playstyle is different, no spinup is nice, and I've maxed my Arsenal out and built some nice gear for it.

    In the meantime I got and upgraded the Mammoth some. I will go back to my Rhino, but it needs some love.
  16. KarStar Beta Commando

    Of all the dreads, I only have arsenal up pas six. It's currently 9/10/8. The decision was 100% play style related. I'm a ping pong ball and the arsenal just felt better to me. I've tried both mammoth and rhino but I give up after a few minutes waiting for the guns to spin up.
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    Thanks for the input guys, real help. Im going to try out the Rhino. What I really wanted to do was melt face. I just wasn't sure if melding face was faster with Rhino Alt fire or Combat shotgun.

    Another questions. Does Explosive Rounds interact with Rhino Alt fire or Combat Shotgun at all?

    Is the Rhino plating better or the Accord Dreadnought plating?
  18. Craseder Dreadnaught Specialist

    Rhino<Arsenal<Dreadnaught<Mammoth as far as plating goes. I crafted rhino plating because I never wanted the HP buff to begin with. I'm pretty sure explosive rounds won't affect either.
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    Dreadnaught has always been my favourite frame and I love Rhino and Arsenal the most out of all of them. That being said, I really cant decide which I like more between the two as they're both incredibly fun to play.

    The Arsenal offers a lot more versatility; it's primary weapon is easy to use at pretty much all ranges not to mention the fact that it's damage dropoff point easily means you will pretty much never see a damage decrease from it. Other MGs can outperform it at close range no problem but it doesn't do badly at close range and the ability to continually deal damage with it while moving in and out of close range is excellent. Particle Beam and Combat Shotgun also offer a substantial amount of versatility; Combat Shotgun gives you a really nice close range burst of damage, while Particle Beam offers you both long range and AoE capabilities.
    It's passive also combine very, very well with Repulsor Blast and Rocket Jump to give a close range AoE damage that easily surpasses SW+RB on a Rhino.

    The Rhino lacks the versatility of the Arsenal, but still has a better range then Mammoth of Accord dreadnaughts. The primary fire of the Laser MG is excellent at medium range as you're closing the distance, but the best part of the weapon is it's alternate fire. The beam is not only perfectly accurate (easy, consistent headshots DECIMATE any enemy) but also deals considerably more damage than the primary fire and at higher tiers the ammo consumption of the alt-fire decreases significantly.
    The Rhino is also a lot faster than the Arsenal, ignoring the fact that it also has Charge! which is an undervalued ability in my opinion, which allows you to get up close and personal really easily. It also offers something that the Arsenal doesn't, which is squad support; both Sundering Wave and Gravity Field offer a damage bonus to any targets they hit; doesn't seem like that big of a deal when you're solo, but when you're in a squad making your team mates do more damage is an amazing ability when you combine it with the fact that the Rhino makes an excellent distraction.

    Both frames are a lot of fun to play and different enough that I still play both frequently, even though the Arsenal is now maxed and Rhino is just waiting on AMPs. (Damn you, AMPs!)
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  20. Dread1313 Unbroken