Scheduled Downtime Tonight (8/19)

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Tony is doing a downtime alone without Matt or Frank

Yay! #TeamSweatRag 244 vote(s) 60.8%
Matt has made a huge mistake... 161 vote(s) 40.1%
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  1. There's always the one. :)
  2. Because not all of us can sit for 18 to 20 hours a day drinking energy drinks until they have maxed out their current battle frame to get the Pilot Tokens they need to get the frames they want.
  3. sepulchral Commander

    Tell us how to make the perfect sandwich.
    You need atleast five ingredients in a sandwich for it to be counted as a sandwich and if it is too dry, pancake in the middle!
  4. ValleySpirit Hero of the Accord

    and three of those ingredients have to be chocolate
  5. are the bframe deals ending on server up?
  6. Talk about how timezones are evil, and how it's currently PDT and not PST :>
  7. :O for shame! Some of us adults LIKE techno and "steps" (chill, dub, etc). No need to insult others tastes or belittle it with age related remarks.

    and Thank You Sylaneste for giving me some excellent music to listen to while I browse the forums, and impatiently await the next update on this patch.
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  8. [IMG]

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  9. ThaCheez Social Media Specialist

    1. Honey Oat Bread
    2. Turkey
    3. Leaf Lettuce
    4. Avacado
    5. Tabasco

    And in other news OPS says we are on track for 11:30pm PST!
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  10. another hour down, another one to go...
  11. Time for you to start making them that sandwich then!
  12. ValleySpirit Hero of the Accord

    improve your sandwich

    substitute this for number 5
  13. sepulchral Commander

    That is an idea. How would the different countries add their touch to a sandwich

    Scotland - Battered
    Ireland - Marinade in Guinness
    American - Deep fry
    France - Something nasty with a random creature
    Italy - Make sweet sweet love to it
    China - Make it smaller
    India - Add enough spice till it can break through the Ionosphere
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  14. Could be worse, could be like some other big MMOs (such as wow) where the 9:00 uptime comes and goes and you don't get a post until 10:30 saying there will be additional downtime for another 2 hours... Then 4 hours later finally get another update announcing 2h more downtime.
  15. Keep in mind this is what they said in the beginning about the first two hours that it was suppose to be down in the first place.
  16. Saudi Arabia - put it in oil? funny ? no ? yes ?

  17. serve it between two camels humps...
  18. Still have a bit of time to wait for the servers to come online so I thought I would share this classic from the 80s.

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  19. Will we be seeing this in the game in future updates?
    The bartenders could serve us a nice sammich for 5CY. :)

    And we can buy one for El Terromoto to keep him quiet for a good hout. :D
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