Screenshot Challenge - Submit Your Epic Screens for a Chance at them Being Spotlighted!

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by FrostedBranFlakes, May 1, 2014.

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  1. FrostedBranFlakes Lead Community Manager Emeritus

    Hello Firefall Screenshot Extraordinaires!

    Starting today, we're hosting a 'Screenshot Challenge'! Have an in-game screen that you think is soooooo EPIC that everyone should see it and bask in its glory? Submit it today for a chance of it being selected for use in a blog and/ or a social media post! If your image is selected, we'll add text to it (or in the post that contains it) at the time we use it that credits you as the photographer.

    NOTE: Please use this thread for submissions only. If you'd like to discuss the challenge, please visit this thread.

    Challenge Begins: Now
    Challenge Ends: Neeeevvvveeerrrrr! (Okay, maybe not "never," but we currently don't have an end-date .)

    FAQ + Rules

    [Q] How do I submit my screenshot?
    [A] Attach it as a reply to this thread!

    [Q] How many screens can I submit?
    [A] Please submit only one (1) screenshot every 7 days.

    [Q] What types of screens should I submit?
    [A] Action shots, environment, staged shots, or anything else taken in-game are all welcome! We do ask that they don't contain any UI elements. Remember that shift + print screen takes a screenshot without the UI. All screenshots you submit need to have been taken by you personally, and should only depict content that is currently available in the Open Beta environment. Feel free to also use the replay tool for interesting and unique angles.

    [Q] Can I alter/ edit my screens before submitting?
    [A] We request that images have no Photoshop or similar work done to it when you submit it. Au naturel, baby!

    [Q] Is there a minimum or maximum size the screen should be?
    [A] The bigger the better! Please make sure they are at least 640x400, though. We won't disqualify images smaller than that, but it may be hard to find a use for them if selected.

    [Q] Who selects the screens that will be used?
    [A] Screens chosen for spotlighting will be selected by the Firefall Community Team. Bribes are not accepted (unless it's cookies and bacon... JK... maybe not... or?...).

    [Q] What happens if my image is selected?
    [A] If an image you have submitted is selected, we'll add text to it (or in the post that contains it) at the time we use it that credits you as the photographer. Submitting an image means that you agree to and approve us using your forum display name in conjunction with the image at the time it is displayed. Selected images could be used in a future blog or news post on our site, on Firefall Live, via our Twitter feed, on Facebook page, etc. So keep a look out, as you never know when and where they might pop-up!

    Good luck, have fun, and let's do this!


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  2. Arkii Apothecary

    Is 3840x2160 big enough? :p

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  3. Cawshun Commander

    I posted this a while back in one of the screenshot threads that was going around. It's still one of my favorite screenshots that I've taken :D

    Cawshun~Oct-23-2013~New Eden~3~p1.png
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  4. ExtraSoda Mentor

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  5. Arla Mentor

    Sounds like a good excuse to go sight-seeing around New Eden again looking for nice shots, haven't done that in a while. Here's one my favourites from last year:

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  6. SillaKnight Founder

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  7. Thalyin Commander

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  8. CaptainZius Beta Commando

    taking a deep breath before the match

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  9. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

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  10. Carter154 Ace of Honor

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  11. GrannySmith! Founder

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  12. Kangarad Mentor

    Just one every 7 Days? Man its hard to decide... but i going for a classic!
    Kangarad~Aug-25-2013~New Eden~4~p1.png
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  13. LoR_NiKoN CoopComrades

    Mine which im planning on getting a print made.....

    I Know Kung Fu

    LoRNiKoN~Oct-22-2013~New Eden~2~p4.png
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  14. Shoogli Arc Runner

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  15. Federvogel Mentor

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  16. #17
    I'm a scenic kind of guy.

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  17. Fooni Commander

    Tornado and my Thumper intersection. Moments when i threw down my Thumper on a high peak Methine 88%,
    the Tornado immediately spawned next to it. Eventually causes it to move into the Thumper preventing me from sending the Thumper back.
    Fooni~Apr-17-2014~New Eden~1~p3.jpg
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  18. ClupshtOol Beta Vanguard

    Firecat from Hell
    ClupshtOol~Mar-19-2014~New Eden~1~p1.png
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  19. Youngst*r Unbroken

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